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In the Waterslides

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Hi, this is Jessica writing again with some more stories about my addiction. You can read my initial autobiography in the link above.

After I was visiting that doctor I told you about and decided to stop masturbating in front of people, and to only do it when I was alone in my bedroom, either waking up or falling asleep, there were times when finding time to be completely alone was difficult. I remember one vacation we went on to Europe one summer when I was thirteen that was very hard for me because it was for four weeks.

My whole family had one hotel room and slept in it together. I automatically asked to sleep on the floor, and allowed everyone else to sleep on the beds each night. Nobody complained about that, it gave them all comfortable beds to sleep on and somebody had to be on the floor, it might as well be me especially if that is where I want to be. I would wait and wait each night for everyone to completely fall asleep and be snoring. When I was sure that everyone was asleep, I would turn onto my stomach, and slip my hands between my legs, and quietly rub. I couldn't use the same speed and go to town the way I would at home in my own bedroom for fear of being heard and of waking others up. Even though I have a blanket covering my body and nobody could see what I was doing if they were to wake up, I wouldn't want them to hear, and wonder if I was masturbating. This would be my nightly routine for masturbating when I wasn't at home and had to share hotel rooms with family or with friends, in the future. As far as for the morning fix, I had no choice but to masturbate in the shower where I had privacy, but as I said in my first story, it wasn't as much fun for me to masturbate in the shower as it is lying down in bed, but it works.

There was a time when I was fifteen and we were at a hotel with a really good, high waterslide. It took at least a minute and a half to go through it, but boy, did I really want to masturbate and I missed being at home where I could do it so easily. I couldn't think of any place where I could do this except, you guessed it, in one of the waterslides themselves. There was a dark yellow waterslide which was fully covered all the way through, and I knew nobody could see what I was doing if I were to masturbate in it. I quickly climbed the stairs and went into the slide. I sat in the slide instead of lying on my back to make the ride slower and longer. I fingered myself, and rubbed the whole time until I could see I was nearing the bottom of the slide. I quickly ran up and did this again, and probably did this ten times in a row. However, the rides were too short, and I did not get to reach orgasm in the waterslides, because I need a long time in order to do it. But it provided me with some relief until later on that evening when I could masturbate once more on the floor of the hotel room with everybody else too fast asleep to notice or care.



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