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In the Swimming Pool

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I would like to share my first time sex experience, to which I still masturbate a lot today at my age of 25, because it is the hottest thing I have ever seen...
It all happened in a swimming pool when I was 12 years old. I went swimming for a birthday party with some other kids. We went to a tropical swimming pool in the near-by city. We had lots of fun, swimming around, going down the slides and sitting in the jacuzzi's. The pool also had a rapid river in it, seperated by a wall on the side of the pool. It was like a litte seperate pool in which you could swim in large rounds, around a 'island' in the middle. You could swim into it and the strong invisable water jets from the side pushed you forth, while you would not have to do anything but float around. At a certain time, I just wanted to go swimming on my own for a little while, while my friends were busy playing and I went to the rapid river...
I swam into it and let myself be pushed forward by the jets in the side of the pool. It was a very relaxed way of swimming. As I swam around with some other people in there, I saw this woman in a red bathing suit hang on to the side. She was in her mid thirties if I think about it. At first, this did not interest me at all, as it was pretty normal to hang on the side while resting. I swam around a couple of times and saw the woman still hanging on the side.
I observed her for a moment as I was getting curious why she was hanging there. I looked from a safe distance and saw through the water there was a nozzle in front of her. I totally did not know what she was doing, except it looked like she let the water push her upwards. She held the side of the pool with her hands, had here upper body halfway out of the water, while her waist and legs were floating bakcwards/behind her under water. I thought she kind of liked it to rest on the water jet, or she was doing some sort of practise... and I swam another round... Then this kid swam by, about 7 years old with the inflated swim wings. It talked to the woman, which appeared to be it's mother. The mother talked to it, while still hanging in front of the nozzle and the kid swam on. This went on for a few times I noticed (the kid swimming by and asking for it's mothers attention) when the kid returned again. I could hear the mother tell her son to swim somewhere else and she would come over in a minute to play with it.
As I observed the woman again for a while, still hanging on the side, motionless.. I saw she had this very concentrated look on here face, not minding anything around her at all, when slowly this smile began growing on her face. (I was really questioning myself why she started smiling, was there something funny?) As she had this gorgeous female smile with her eyes half closed, she opened her mouth a little like like saying 'o' and her smile soon came back again. I remember I was totally staring at this, when the woman drifted off the side towards her kid, which was swimming by again. She was smiling all the time. I kept looking at her when she headed for the stairs to get out. She got out with her son and walked over the side of the pool, way slower and relaxed then everyone else, with this constant weird big smile on her face. Then I saw something which at that moment kind of shocked me... I was totally embarassed for the woman as I was a little disgusted of it: As I saw her walking hand in hand with her son, I looked downward on her bathing suit and saw between her legs this bulge. Her vulva was totally swollen and as I had never seen female genitals before, this looked very weird to me. Although she had her bathing suit (mostly) over it, I could very clearly see the outlines of her labia with this long narrow slit between it. 'What the heck had she been doing??!' I thought, while feeling embarresed for her and the kid. She totally had no idea she was walking there like that, between all the other people... then I lost her out of sight.
Anyway, soon after that I discovered exactly what and why she had been doing that with the jet, but that's for another time.
(By the way, does anybody else have pool experiences?)



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