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In the Swimming Pool 2

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Yesterday I wrote about my first sexual experience at the age of 12 in the swimming pool; I saw a woman 'playing' with a strong underwater jet...
This fascinated me so much, I kept thinking of it the rest of the day. Why did se do that and why was that spot between her legs all swolen up? Why did she smile all the time? Those were all things which I was questioning myself, but I did not find out it had anything to do with sex/masturbation.
A month or so later I was in the swimming pool again, with my family. At first I was just playing around, because I forgot about the woman. Later on I was in the rapid river with the water jets again, just swimming and floating around the 'island' in the middle, when I wanted to rest for a while. Then I remembered the woman in the red bathing suit. Now maybe I could do the same thing as what she did, like floating on the water jet... maybe it would be fun.
So I went to the same spot as where I saw here two weeks ago, and there was a nozzle under the water. It pointed a bit upwards and there came a strong, thick water jet out of it. I hang on to the side next of it, as I could not reach the ground with my feet, and felt a few times in it with my right hand. The jet pushed it right away, as it had pretty much force, but it did not hurt at all. Then I decided I could hang over it. I moved sidewards and the jet hit my belly. That did not feel very good and I pulled myself a bit upwards. The jet hit me on my shorts... it felt very funny and did not hurt at all. The jet pushed me upwards and I had to hold on to the side really good, or I would be pushed away. After a little while I started to feel my penis was swelling up slowly. I looked around to check if no one would see it, as I felt a litte embarassed, and thought of the woman again; this is probably the same as she had! This erection was starting to feel REALLY good, it felt huge. I had erections before, for which I did not understand why, and most of the time they did not feel anything special..
I hung on to the side for a while longer, enjoying my great erection when I started to feel very weird. I could not describe it then, which now I would call very horny..
After a minute or two, this very small tingle started in the tip of my penis. It felt like I started to pee! I was afraid of doing this in the water, but on the other hand, it felt so good I just kept hanging. The feeling grew very, very slowly as I felt my dick just pushing up against my stomach. It felt ever more big as it actually was...
My legs started to feel very light and I thought I was floating 2 meters above the water. (I never had that feeling anymore since then, too bad) The feeling got stronger and stronger as I thought where would it end, suddenly this HUGE rush went through my butt, abdomen and legs. It was all sucked toward my genitals and at the top of it, I could feel my penis starting contracting up and down through my shorts very wild. It went on and on... It felt like I released all the build up with great force, and when it did not feel that good no more, I let go of the side... drifting off.. My penis was still very erect and gave a 'pulse' every now and then. I was totally wasted after that as I was shocked. What had happened?? I thought I blew something up down there, but quickly found out everything was still there. I got out when I came to rest and rested more out in a chair... I thought I found out the greatest secret on this planet.
I had a lot more pleasant visits to the swimming pool after that as you could imagine... it took me about half a year to find out what I was doing and what I was having.
After a year I found out I could give myself the same feeling with my hands, but nothing else gave me the feeling as with the pool jets up to today!



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