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In the Stockroom

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I got a holiday sales job at a retail store when I was home from college this year. (Don't know if I can mention their name, so it is a clothing speciality store known for the beefcake boys on their shopping bags, nuff said) On the weekends, they employed young buff guys and girls as greeters. They dress in the stores fashions, and chat up the customers as they come into the store. The guys are usually shirtless, or wear just a vest. The second week I was there, a new male model, Ty, started. He was a local high school senior swimmer with a killer body, perfect smile, and model looks. That first day, he was dressed in just jeans, no belt, and the band of the company underwear sticking up an inch or so above his jeans. His chest looked like Michael Phelps.. strong sinewy muscles, perfect v shape that tapered done from his massive shoulders to his tight small waist. He had those same half dollar sized nipples that Phelps has, and rock hard abs. I was drooling. I was also incredibly horny. I hadn't seen my boyfriend in two weeks, and my vagina was aching for for a good workout. While it was busy, I stole as many glimpses as I could, marvelling at how every time the door opened and the cold December air rushed in, his nipples would harden into tight erect nubs.

We had lunch break at a small table in the stockroom, and I sat across from him. I flirted with him, and he flirted back. He complained about having to endure the cold air shirtless, and I told him he had to be careful, he might poke a customers eyes out with his erect nipples, and he laughed. I started calling him nippleboy. We had to go back to work, and it got very busy. At one point I looked over at him, and our eyes met. He looked down, pointed at his erect nipple and then smiled at me.

That night I had a glorious orgasm, as I fingered myself imagining Ty pounding my pussy in the dressing room at the store. I pictured me bent over in front of the mirror, our pants pulled down only to our knees so we could clean up quickly, and his hands on my hips pulling me into him as he thrusted. I pictured looking into the mirror as his chest beaded up in sweat. It was so hot.

Sunday morning we were both on shift again, and we talked as we got coffee. He told me that he thought about me the night before, then winked. I told him I thought about nippleboy too, and winked back. Then I reached over and pinched his nipple, and walked away. I turned my head, and he was standing there with a speechless look on his face, his mouth open.

At lunch, we had two other associates with us at first, but they went back on shift in 15 minutes and we were alone. Ty asked me right away what I thought about the night before. I bluntly told him. I got off fantasizing we were having sex in the changing room. Again the open mouth stare. I picked my foot up under the table and lightly pressed it into his crotch. He was hard. I looked at the clock, we had seven minutes before break was over, and I got up and directed Ty to follow me. I went to the back of the stockroom, took his hand and pulled him into a small one person restroom. I locked the door behind me, and unbuttoned his jeans, and slid them and his boxer briefs down to his thighs. Ty started to unbutton my pants, and I stopped him.

I whispered doubt those jeans came stocked with a condom. Besides we don't have much time. I stroked him. He wasn't as large as my boyfriend, but it was a good size. I moved behind him, and stroked him with one hand, and rubbed my other hand across his chest and stomach. I watched in the mirror, as he closed his eyes and enjoyed my action. His nipples hardened as I rubbed them, and I tugged one then the other. His breathing became heavy, and he whispered faster, and I picked up the pace. He thrust forward, raising his torso up, and sadly blocked my view of the mirror. I reached down with my left hand to cup his scrotum, and they were pulled tight to his groin. He gasped, and I felt his wetness on my hand. I wished I could have seen it come out, and seen the look on his face as he orgasmed, but I was blocked.

He leaned back down, hands on the sink holding himself up. I pulled toilet paper off the roll, wiped my hand, then wiped the end of his dick. I reached down pulled his boxers and jeans back up, and rebuttoned him. I put my arm around his waist, and looked at him in the mirror. Good? I asked. Yeah he replied. I looked in the sink at the pearly white puddles of his semen, and turned on the water and washed it away. Better get back to work I said, and I gently patted his groin, and slipped out of the restroom. I looked at the clock, two minutes until lunch break was over. I went back on the sales floor, Ty followed a minute later. He had a pale flush in his cheeks and across his chest, and a nice bulge in his jeans as he returned to softness. I smelt my right palm, inhaling the unique musk of a man.

Sunday night I had an even better orgasm reliving lunch break. Over the next weeks we didn't relive our hookup in store, but did have multiple hookups out of work, and the sex was wonderful; physical, hard, and animalistic. I returned to college, and my boyfriend, but I still got off thinking about Ty.



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