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In the Sierras

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Long ago during a backpacking trip.


I once was an avid backpacker. I and a group of friends went at least once a month on a few days trek. It was summer in the south Sierras and we went for a hike to stay overnight on a lake. I think it was the Cotton Woods lake.

There were probably six to ten of us on this particular trip. The elevation gain was quite gradual so it wasn't a tiring trip at all. Quite different than the usual.

I'm sure we all broke up into groups of two and three. I was hiking paired with a buddy and he went on ahead. I'd catch up later.

When I got to the lake my buddy was there alone, kicking back with his boots off and his feet up on his rolled sleeping bag. I decided to take the long way around the lake before joining him.

I hadn't hiked too far before coming upon an encampment. The trail went up and then back down to just above lake level, then again up and then down, much like a motocross track.

In one of these dips there was a tent and a bed roll and a stove set up. No one was around or so I thought. I get up over the next rise and what I see is a fantasy come true for a sixteen year old boy. A near naked girl of about the same age.

She was gorgeous, blonde trim and all I could do is stare at this fabulous muff of hair sticking out from her see thru panties. Here I was standing with a full back pack on looking at an angel with budding breasts, partially bent over from just pulling on those panties. I don't know if she was changing clothes or just dried off from swimming. What I did gather was that she was alone and very much surprised to see me as well.

I said something like I was sorry to bother her but heck, she was right on the trail. Albeit a trail of little use as most hikers didn't go this way to the lake, most stayed on the other side.

I was walking away to leave but my feet wouldn't move but very slowly and my cock was at full attention in my pants, sticking down my left pants leg. I'm sure I was wearing jeans and my dick was so hard it made it almost impossible to walk. She was staring at me and my crotch not saying a word, just kind of like somebody in a bath waiting for an intruder to leave the room and close the door.

It dawned on me that were out in the open and anybody could chance by at any time. She could not of expected total privacy. I had just as much right to be there as she did.

I did the only thing I could at the time. I turned and with my back to her, opened my jeans to adjust my absolutely rigid penis in my shorts. I had to pull my jeans down a little to get my cock out of the pant leg and pull it up straight against my belly. I only wish now my cock got half as hard as it did then.

The jeans I was wearing were Levi 501's so they had buttons instead of a zipper. I was having a time getting them buttoned back up. This blonde girl must gave sensed my trouble and she was standing besides me trying to help. Either that or she just wanted a better look at what I was doing. To do this I had to unbuckle my waist support on my pack so now it was hanging just from my shoulders. I half wanted to let it down to the ground but I also then didn't want to hoist it back up, it was very heavy.

So now what ever this girl did just made my dick all the harder. It would be another year until I had a girlfriend and had sex with her. This was all new experience for me. I had never seen a live naked girl before, just pictures, lots of them. I was sixteen and a virgin but I was so good at jacking off I could change hands and gain a stroke.

At the time I could hardly believe my good fortune. That's why I wasn't in any real hurry to get away. I wanted to look at pussy for as long as possible. Kind of like how it is now and I hope for ever will be.

This gal has her hands near my cock and it just keeps getting harder. It was now so hard it hurt. The only way I knew how to get the pain to go away was to get it to shoot. She's trying to help me button my jeans and now I have to throw any manners I have to the wind.

I rip open my jeans and pull out my cock and start to stroke it with out any lubrication at all. I'm just rubbing it. The look on this girls face must have been priceless. I didn't care I just wanted the pain to go away. Finally I spat on my hand and gave it a proper wank. This gal is staring, wide eyed and mouth agape. Not saying or doing anything. Finally the pain is gone and it starts to again feel good, real good. I'm close to shooting.

I let loose a torrent of come. I must have shot semen three feet straight out. I can still remember how it looked hitting the dusty earth.

This girl lets out a gasp of complete astonishment. Now keep in mind maybe she is naked but nothing is keeping her there either. She could have just walked away. Her feet were bolted to the ground just as mine.

Now that I think about it her hand strayed to my cock more than once while I was stroking it. It was all so fast.

Now all I can say is sorry. It's not like I planned it. It was an emergency, like waking from a dream at night and being so hard and having to pee like a race horse but not being able to move until making your dick shoot.

I love girls and I love pussy. and I love the fact that that's what they do to my dick.

To this day I wonder if girls ever have to come so badly as that.

My dick finally deflated, just enough to fit back into my jeans, pointing still, straight up.

I finished hiking the long way around the lake. My friend all along joking with me at how long it took me to walk about a mile.

At the time I was ashamed of jacking off so I never said a word. I couldn't care less now. I know that everybody has to jerk it once in a while. I wasn't different at all. I was sixteen.



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