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In the Shower and in Sophie's Room

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When I was 19 I travelled round the US with a friend. We stayed for some of the time with the families of friends of friends, and in St Louis we stayed for five days with a nice family of mum, dad, and Sophie, aged 18. She was gorgeous; long brown hair and a lovely body, with breasts that were small, but firm.

My friend and I shared a bathroom with her, and the first morning in the shower I was thinking about her, idly stroking my dick, when I noticed her shampoo, it was thick and white and creamy, which gave me an idea. I started wanking hard, fantasising about her body, with the shower head between my legs, spraying hard up onto my balls, rock hard dick, and into my asshole. I then undid the top of the shampoo and held the bottle with my left hand, while with my right I stroked myself to a huge cum, pump after pump of thick spunk into the shampoo bottle. As I came I imagined it sliding down her face, onto her little breasts and nipples. After I'd recovered, I put the top on the bottle and shook it so that my cum mixed with the shampoo.

I did that every morning we stayed there, so that by the end of the stay there must have been a lot of cum in that bottle. I loved the thought of it running all over her slim firm body. A couple of times she came down to breakfast in just a long t-shirt and panties, which got me hard again straight after I'd just cum in the shower.

Our last day with them was a Sunday, and the three of them went off early to church. My mate was fast asleep in our room, so as soon as I heard them leave I slipped out of our room and closed the door. Then I took off my boxers and tshirt that I sleep in, so that I was naked, and went across the landing into Sophie's room.

My dick was rock hard as I went in. It was a messy, girly room, with teddy bears and posters and clothes on the floor, the bed unmade. I just stood there for 20 seconds or so, rubbing my dick as I breathed in her scent. Then I found a pair of her panties on the floor, so I slipped into her bed and rubbed my throbbing dick on the sheet, face down, while sniffing her panties. Then I kneeled on the bed and rubbed my dick all over her pillow, then kind of fucking it sensuously. I was leaking precum now, so I went over to her little built in desk and rubbed precum onto an open lipsalve. There was a mirror above the desk, so I spread my legs like a slut sitting in her chair, my legs up on the desk, and wanked hard, watching myself in the mirror, rubbing my hand over my hard chest and then pushing the handle of a hairbrush right up between my legs, pressing on my asshole.

I was now really close to cumming, so I opened a chest of drawers and found a pair of cut off denim shorts. God, they would look good on those long legs of hers. (By the way, I'm naked and wanking now as I type this.) I put my cock in the right hand pocket of the shorts and basically fucked it, cumming really hard within about five seconds, pump after pump of cum, on and on, a massive cum.

When I recovered, I put the shorts back in the drawer where I found them and slipped out. We left later that day. I loved the thought of Sophie getting those shorts out in a day or two's time, putting her hand in the pocket, and wondering what the white sticky stuff on her long fingers might be.

I've got to go and cum now, I'm really close. Please let me know in the comments if this turned you on, I love the thought of people wanking to a real incident in my life.

Love, Mark



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