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In the Shower

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We have done this plenty of times...and yes we are both straight lol!


Well hello solotouch. Anyway first I want to tell you a little bit about me and my friend. My name is Jay and im 17. My friend Patrick is 19.

Anyway...we were sitting in his living room playing a game on his N64 and joking around texting each other. He made a comment like 'screw you' and I text him back saying something to the effect of 'Oh yea...but it's been so long lol' and about how 'I could remedy that'. He said 'I bet you could' and I sent back 'I was just throwing that out there'

He sent me a text telling me to go get in the shower. I sent him one back saying I would call him when I was ready for him to come to the bathroom.

I walking into the bathroom and closed the door. I began by taking my shirt and jeans off, and then took off my underwear. I gave myself I quick pull to help get the blood flowing and turned on the water. I turned off the light and texted him to come in. I jumped into the shower and began to wet my body and hair.

When Patrick came in he put a blanket over the window (to cut out any extra light). He took off his clothes (in the dark) and hopped in.

First we simply washed out hair and our body making jokes and singing our National Anthem lol. Then he asked me 'Are we going to do anything' and I said 'I guess'. We played rock paper siccsors to see who got to 'recieve'. We played and I had a rock and he had siccsors. So I got to recieve first.

He told me to hand him the conditioner in the corner of the shower so I did. He told me to face the back wall of the shower. He was standing behind me. After a second I felt a very cold substance touch my dick and then a hand wrapped around it. He then started to jerk me off.

BTW...I never realized (until I did this) that jerking with conditioner felt sooooo good. lol

He continued to jerk me until he had been doing in for 30 seconds. Then we swithced places, with him facing the shower wall. I grabbed my hand full of conditioner and put my arm around him lathering up his dick.

I started by simply rubbing the head of his dick. He really seemed to enjoy that. I put both my hands in a fist (like a vagina) and slowly and tightly slid him through it. After I did this a few times I felt his hand slide behind him and he started to jerk me off. After a minute we stopped and he did me again while I jerked him slowly behind me.

I once again got my conditioner and stood behind him. I was going to go very fast this time. I started jerking him very slowly while he jerked me slowly. Then I sped up and I saw his head tilt back. He was jerking me fast too so it was hard for me to stand and jerk him too. But I managed. I focused mainly on his head at this point. His knees began to fall so I got my left hand and tried to help him stay up. We were both so close to cumming.

We stopped and he said 'Let's finish ourselves'.

We both grabbed our own dicks and began to jack off. I was leaning on the side with the shower head and Patrick on the other side. After about 30 seconds Patrick asked to switch sides with me. He began to jack off fiercly and (i think) he came into the drain.

He hopped out and dried off while I was still jerking off near the drain. He left the room and I came down the drain also. I began getting dressed and went back into the living room where we began to play our N64 game like we had before.

I sent him a text saying that 'My life chapter on experimentation is now over' and he replied with 'Agreed'

We have done stuff together for a while but I think this was the most laid back and fun.




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