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In the Shower

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Thought I was alone.


I took some extra classes over the summer and stayed in the dorm. There were a few kids but it was pretty deserted. It was kinda nice to have my roommate gone because I could come back to the room and jerk off whenever I wanted. I still like doing it in the shower though too. As every guy knows, soap makes a great lube and what better way to get your dick clean.

So late one night I went to the showers. It's just a big group room with a bunch of showers. No dividers, no privacy. I took my shower and hadn't seen anyone so decided it would be safe to shoot one off. I lathered up my dick again and started stroking. I was just taking my time to try and build up a nice load. I'd stroke and then just rub my balls for awhile. All of sudden out of nowhere another guy walks in naked. I didn't even hear him. I just froze. He looked at my lathered up hard on and obviously knew what I was doing.

He said 'Oh, sorry dude, I heard the water but didn't know you were, ahhhhh, busy.' I said 'Yea, I didn't think anyone would be here now.' He said 'Yea, it's usually quiet now. I was actually coming here to do the same thing. Hey I can leave you alone and come back later, or since I saw you wacking off, we can even things off and I'll let you see me. It's just something we gotta do so it's not a big deal to me.'

I stood there with my dick still standing straight up. This guy had a pretty nice body and I figured it might be fun to see him jerk off. I said 'yea, it's cool, go ahead' So he threw his towel down and said 'give me a couple minutes to catch up.'

He lathered up his dick and started going at it. My dick just got harder and harder watching him. I thought I was gonna cum without even touching myself. My dick actually started to hurt it was so hard. He was stroking his dick and switching between rubbing his balls and ass with the other hand. I couldn't help but give my dick a stroke every once in a while waiting for him to catch up.

He finally said he was about ready. I said 'yea, it's not gonna take me long'. I started stroking my shaft again and very quickly I was ready. I started really breathing heavy and thrusting my dick in my hand. I said 'aaaaaaahhhhhhh. I'm gonna cum' and I shot the biggest load in my life. It shot about three feet towards him and he even said 'wow, nice shot'. After about another minute, he started getting to the point of no return too. He closed his eyes and started thrusting his hips. He had his one hand on his ass and it looked like he might have even stuck a finger in there. Then he moaned out loud and blew a good load. Man, it was hot.

We recovered and then introduced ourselves. He said he'd be back the same time tomorrow and you better believe I was too. We do it just about every night and we've become friends out of the shower too. We said it's gonna suck when everyone comes back but we said we might just have to start meeting in one of our rooms for our sessions.



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