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In the Sauna Part 2

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A shower whilst others watch.


I guess some people liked the first part of my story about visiting a sauna, so I'll finish it.

After the heat of the sauna, and my amazing orgasm, I just wanted to shower off and relax. The shower stall, however, was wide open and several guys watched as I entered and turned on the water. My still thick and red cock swayed as I walked. There was still some cum dripping from the tip that I wiped off on my finger and licked.

Although I had just cum only five minutes earlier, my cock started to swell again as I felt the looks of the guys and stepped under the warm water. My cock was not really hard, but had that pleasant thickening that makes it look so sexy and feel so good. The head in particular was still big. I turned my back to them and pushed my cock straight down so they could see the head between my slightly parted legs. I let the water run over my hair and then arched my back so that it ran down my chest, belly and crotch. I slowly turned as I did this, until my cock was facing the guys who were watching. When I stood up, it was pointing straight out in their direction.

I stroked it a few times and then reached for some liquid soap to lather up. One of the guys who had been in the hot room with me walked by and smiled. He hung up his towel and stepped under the shower next to mine. As I soaped up, he reached over and rubbed the soap into my chest, concentrating on my nipples. As they got hard, I felt his hand drop down to the crack of my ass and spread my cheeks, turning me around so the gathering crowd could watch what he was doing to me. He pumped some soap on his finger and teased my hole while his other hand fondled my balls. I bent over at the waist, spread my legs and bent my knees so the audience could see better. The water cascaded over me, but I could see their eyes staring at my most private, sensitive parts as he worked me over.

As he played with my hole, it relaxed and I let him push his finger into me and then pull it out. He spread my cheeks so that the crowd could see it all. He did this four or five times and then just tickled it, opening and closing my hole for all to see.

Then he started to stroke my cock and I felt my juices starting to collect once again. My scrotum tightened. I saw his cock pointing at my face and reached over to stroke it. I could feel it swell and twitch in my hand, which made my cock harder.

We stood up and faced each other, each stroking the other's cock. I could feel that he was going to cum first, so I concentrated my efforts on him, working the head and tip of his cock with one hand, and cupping his balls with the other. He threw his head back and grasped the faucets for support. I guided him under an overhead spotlight and let it shine directly down on his cock. I stood behind him and reached around his body to continue stroking his cock.

Suddenly, he moaned huskily, 'I'm cumming!' I held his cock straight out toward the crowd and felt his semen pass through his shaft as I squeezed it, and watched as it shot out at them. As he shuddered and continued to cum, two guys came over and helped me hold him up, scooping his cum and rubbing it into his body. One of them took some and used it to lube my cock again.

I raised my arms and held onto the showerhead, standing on tiptoes as he jerked my cock. He turned off the water and, as he played with my cock, three or four guys came over and began to feel me all over, from my legs to my waist to my face. I sucked on one guy's fingers, my nipples were pulled and teased, my belly and ass were stroked, the insides of my thighs were rubbed, my asshole and balls were tickled, my pubic hair was pulled, and my cock was caressed and stimulated until I once again felt my cum building.

When I was about to cum, I whispered, 'Here it is,' and looked down as my semen oozed out and oozed out. It was not a shot in the air like the last time, but a creamy froth that kept coming and coming out of the wide open slit at the tip of my cock, as if it were an endless wellspring. I think there was even more than before. The orgasmic spasms I felt were gentler, but no less pleasurable, and they lasted much longer. My balls were drawn tight into my body and I reached down to push them back into my scrotum. I almost collapsed on the shower room floor from the heat and the sensations, and had to be helped to a bench.

As I rested, the guys were great. They cleaned me with my towel and got me some juice to drink. One guy even kissed my tummy. I had wanted to show off for some strangers, and now I had.



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