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In the Pool

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The following event occurred during the summer of 1980 when I was 12 years old. My mom had a very close friend who I always referred to as Aunt Mary, although she wasn't really an aunt. She and her husband had 2 children, Rick who was 22 and away at college and, Dale who was 15. For years prior we would spend many a summer day at the lake together doing all the things kids like to do: jumping off the docks, fishing, taking walks, etc. However by the time I turned 11 and Dale was 14, things changed. She had turned into a beautiful young gal with long blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, deep dimples and an infectious laugh. Her body was still developing, but for me it was to-die for. Her breasts were very small, but her ass was simply scrumptious. That summer she for the most part ignored me and began to hang out with girls her age, and she loved the attention she got from the guys when she went to the beach. It was a depressing time for me as I felt like I had lost one of my friends.
The next summer (1980) was when this happened. Dale's family had installed a huge in ground swimming pool that spring (her dad was a successful contractor), and I remember spending some time there at the pool, as well as at the lake. On one particular day my mom informed me that her and Aunt Mary were going to go shopping and that I would be spending the afternoon with Dale at their house. Sounded great to me. By the time I was 12 my hormones had kicked into full gear and I had been masturbating daily for about 4 months. Obviously the object of many of my fantasies had been Dale, and I was looking forward to spending a day watching her in her bikini at the pool...
My mom and I showed up at their house at about noon, and after instructions to be careful and 'Remember, Dale is in charge', a few minutes later her and Aunt Mary were gone. Dale was already in her bathing suit, and even with a plain white oversized man's tshirt thrown over the top, she looked great. It was a hot pink 2-piece bikini, and she was sporting an unbelievable tan. She said I could go upstairs and get changed in her room and then meet her at the pool. She said her friend Kelly was coming over to swim too and I could hang out with them for the afternoon, but I better not bother them. She definitely had that 'I'm a teenager and you're not' attitude.
I went up the stairs to her room and closed the door. As I took off my shirt and shorts to put on my bathing suit, I noticed a pile of clothes at the foot of the bed, and lying on top was a pair of panties. I walked over, picked them up and instantly got an erection. They were HERS, and I was actually touching them. It was my first 'connection' to a female in that way in my life, and I was incredibly excited. They were simple white cotton panties (with a lace waistband) with small yellow flowers on them. I placed them against my erection and slowly rubbed back and forth. I would have orgasmed in no time if I hadn't heard the back door open, which scared the heck out of me and I quickly threw them back on top of the pile and finished putting on my bathing suit.
I walked downstairs and found that Dale was grabbing a bunch of sodas from the fridge and without speaking to me she went outside. I followed and found that her friend Kelly was already there sitting on a lounge chair. She introduced herself and she seemed very friendly, and the first thing I noticed about her were - her breasts. She was wearing a white bikini, very similar in style to Dale's, but her breasts were VERY big (I would guess a 36C, which at 15 were NICE). Kelly was very fair-skinned, didn't have much of a tan and had shortish black hair. Her face wasn't much to look at, but her body certainly was. Dale sat on the edge of the chair, poured suntan oil onto her hand and began to rub it onto Kelly's back. I jumped in the pool for a swim, occasionally glancing up to where they were sitting to see what they were doing. The did each other's back with the oil and then took care of their own legs, arms and chest area. It was a wet dream come true for me just watching. After a few minutes they were both glistening with suntan oil and sweat (it was an extremely hot and sunny July day) and I was mesmerized by their bodies. I of course had wicked thoughts going through my mind and was in a high state of arousal. They were talking, whispering and giggling - I didn't hear most of what they were talking about but knew through some overheard comments they were talking about guys.
I stayed in the pool since it was the coolest place to be, and I could also look at them without it being too obvious. After about 30 minutes they both sat up, looked at each other and said, 'NOW!' and jumped in the water. I had no idea what they were doing, but quickly found out. They both raced towards me, and I wasn't sure what was happening. I was in the shallow end of the pool, but before I could climb the steps and scamper away Kelly dove under the water and grabbed my feet and pulled me back towards her laughing. Dale was right behind her, and the two of them were holding me tight and giggling. I quickly realized that they were picking on me, but the feeling of these 2 girls bodies in bikinis as I struggled against them was incredibly erotic to this 12 yr old boy. As I squirmed and tried (not terribly hard) to get away, I was shouting, 'What are you doing?' Then I felt Kelly's hands on the waistband of my swimsuit and it was quickly yanked down my legs. I was REALLY struggling now because I didn't want them to see my hard-on. My feet were tangled in my suit, and I was trying to break free. The girls were laughing wildly, and I was on the verge of tears. Finally Kelly was able to pull my suit all the way off and backed away, holding it in the air like a trophy, whooping and laughing (as was Dale). I retreated to the deep end of the pool, not wanting them to see my privates or that I was almost crying. I was upset but at the same time aroused by being naked in front of the girls. I started saying, 'Give it back, give it back!' and Dale said if I wanted it I had to come and get it and she took it from Kelly and ran around the front of the house and came back empty handed. At the same time Kelly took all the towels and put them up on the porch (well away from the pool). They both sat down and they finally stopped giggling and Kelly said, 'You know your peter is pretty big for a guy your age. Do you always get boners like that?' and that set them off laughing more. I got more upset and told them I was going to tell on them when my mom and Aunt Mary got home, and Dale said, 'Oh just relax and grow up, it's no big deal. We've seen guys naked a bunch of times, and we go skinny dipping a lot when no one's home. Don't be such a baby'. Then she jumped in the pool.
When she surfaced she said, 'Tell you what, if you can catch me or Kelly, we will take off our tops. All you have to do is touch any part of us. If you catch us twice we have to take off our bottoms'. With that Kelly jumped in the pool.
Now my entire attitude changed. It went from one of fear, embarrassment and being upset to thinking that if I could get my act together I could see my first real live female naked, or at least with their tops off. I literally felt a surge of adrenaline go through me (kinda like when the spinach goes to Popeye's forearms) and I immediately dove towards Dale who was closest to me. She scampered out of the way, and we played tag for almost 15 minutes 'til we were all pretty exhausted. I hadn't touched either of them, but they both got good looks at my erection as we were playing and kept making comments like, 'Oh, Doug's peter is still all hot and bothered' and 'Doug has a third leg', things like that.
As they were resting next to each other on one side of the pool, and me on the other, I noticed that both girls' nipples were visibly hard through their tops. And Kelly's suit, being white, was quite revealing as I could vaguely make out her areolas through her wet top. As they were catching their breath I burst across the pool, and before she could get away I touched Dale's calf. Yes! At first she debated whether I touched her, and she finally relented after Kelly said that she thought I did. She reached behind her neck and untied the strap there, and her top fell down slightly, not revealing all her breasts quite yet. Then she reached behind her back and untied the second strap, and after a second just let her top fall into the water. She made no effort to hide her breasts, and although they were very small (probably only 32A) they were heaven for me. After a few seconds she dove in the water and it was very obvious she was looking at my dick. I swam away towards Kelly, and it seemed at that point they she actually WANTED to be caught. Her back was to me and as I reached out I ran my hand down her ass, and she squealed and giggled. She turned to face me and with one touch of the front-snap of her top it was off, and I was staring at 2 magnificent globes, with huge hard nipples. She thrust her shoulders back and her chest forward and said, 'Bet you never saw a girl's tits before!' and then she dove under the water and swam away.
I can't imagine being any hornier than I was at that moment. Having 2 girls take their tops off in front of me while I myself was naked was almost like overload for me. The two of them paired up in the deep end of the pool (where the water was up to their necks) and they were whispering and giggling again. As I slowly moved towards them they split. I followed Kelly (since she seemed eager to be caught earlier). As I gained ground (water?) on her, she stopped and ducked under the water as I lunged at her. As I ended up actually swimming over her, she reached up and grabbed my penis and held it for several seconds, then swam away shouting to Dale, 'I did it, I TOUCHED it!'
Obviously the 'game' we were playing was taking on a new meaning. I didn't know what to say, but I knew that my loins were boiling. Any shyness or fear was completely gone, and I swam to the ladder on the deep end, climbed out and walked to the diving board. I stood there for a moment in all my glory, completely exposing myself to the girls and not caring. They both stared at me with their mouths opened and after I paused for a few seconds I dove in. When I surfaced I challenged them to do the same. 'Bet you're too chicken to dive naked off the diving board!'.
They both started laughing again, and then I saw Dale reach under the water and seconds later she flung her suit bottoms to the pool deck. She began swimming towards the ladder and without hesitation she climbed out and walked towards the diving board. Her naked body was everything I imagined, and more. Her ass was PERFECT, and the contrast of her deep tan against the pure white of her skin was astounding. Her pubic hair was blonde, and very thin which made her cleft quite visible. She 'posed' on the board momentarily with her hands on her hips and her head high. As she did I was conspicuously stroking my erection slowly under the water from about 10 feet away. As she surfaced she called out to Kelly, 'WE did it, now you HAVE to do it!'. Kelly, free spirit as she obviously was, followed suit (no pun intended) and climbed the ladder and took the short walk to the board. She had thicker hips and legs, and a larger ass, but she clearly had a stunning body. The contrast of the tan v. non-tan wasn't there, and her pubic hair was very thick and black. She spun around on the diving board a few times and then sprung high in the air before landing feet first in the water. As she emerged from under water she shouted, 'Holy shit, the water went right up my crack!' She was giggling hysterically.
As I look back on it now (as I have MANY times over the years) it was very apparent these girls were quite at ease at being naked in front of one another, and in front of me. We continued to splash and play in the water, and they suggested a game of 'Marco Polo' (tag with your eyes closed, basically). I was 'it' first and there was a lot of touching and groping going on for the next 30 minutes or so. Nothing major, but I got to touch my first boob and bare ass (both girls!). I even caught Dale one time from behind and found my penis pressed firmly against the crack of her ass. Instead of squirming to get away that time, she actually pushed back against me, almost grinding for what was only about 5 seconds, but the best 5 seconds of my life up until then. I know how horny I was, and the girls seemed to be the same as they got plenty of good feels of MY ass and tugs on my penis and balls.
During a short break where we were catching our breath, Dale and Kelly were whispering to each other (again). Finally Kelly swam over to me and said, 'We want you to sit on the edge of the pool and show us how you jerk off. If you don't we're going to tell your mom and Dale's mom that you pulled off our bathing suits and you will be in SO much trouble'. At that point I didn't need any threats or intimidation, but I pretended I was afraid and said, 'OK, OK I'll do it, just don't get me in trouble - my mom would kill me. '
So in the shallow end of the pool I hopped up onto the edge of the pool. I remember it being very hot against my bare ass, but I didn't care. My erection was proudly at attention and both girls immediately were in front of me, not more than a foot or so away. I could clearly see their tits as they were above the surface of the water from just below their boobs, and Kelly said, 'Go ahead, rub it. Show us how you beat off. ' That's all the prodding I needed, and I began to masturbate. My penis wasn't big at that time, but it was big enough (probably 5 inches when hard) and I had a good amount of public hair (I hit puberty kinda early, just as I turned 11). I knew I would come quickly and that if I went slow it might last a couple of minutes, at best. At first I was a little embarrassed, but I quickly overcame that when I saw Kelly's hand under the water between her legs, and her eyes fluttered, as it was clear she was rubbing herself. Dale kept asking me questions like 'Does that feel good?' and 'Do you shoot?' and when I kept answering yes, she also began to play with herself. Unfortunately I didn't have a clear view of their hands on/in their vaginas, but they were both visibly aroused, with Kelly being the most animated. Her body was moving in a rhythm, and her eyes were locked on my hand and penis as she played with herself. In no time I knew my orgasm was imminent and I told them I was going to 'shoot' (I didn't know the term 'come' yet). Kelly inched her way up to me and actually stood up straight so her breasts were at the same level as my penis, and she was exposed above the waterline to the top of her pubic hair. I could easily see the middle finger of her left hand working feverishly on her pussy. That sent me over the edge and I shot. The first few spasms were no more than weak dribbles, quickly followed by 3 strong streams that found their mark just below her neckline and throat. As my orgasm subsided I saw (and will NEVER forget) my load slowly running down her chest onto her breasts, with some actually combining with the water on her body and dripping off her left nipple into the pool. Kelly's orgasm was directly behind mine, and her legs clamped on her hand as she let out a series of soft yelps and sighs. Dale, meantime, was almost silent but the motion of her arm and hand under the water made it clear that she was also coming.
When we were done the girls treated me completely different. They told me how cool it was I did that with them (they said they had done almost the same thing with guys their age a few weeks before) and that they wouldn't tell my mom anything. After a while we got dressed and went inside and ate, and my mom and Aunt Mary came home a little while later. There was only one other time that summer I was alone with Dale (Kelly wasn't there) and she actually showed me how she masturbated while laying on the lounge chair (she did it with her top off but kept her bottoms on and did it with her hand inside; I pulled my dick out of the side of my bathing suit and I came on her beautiful, tender and delectable thigh...). All the other times we were together at the lake she would hang with her friends and basically ignore me, but I didn't mind. The next summer she went away to some sports camp and I didn't really see her at all, and then she moved to California the following spring. That was the most memorable sexual experience of my life, then or now.



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