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In the Office

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This involves me and a woman called Katie. I'll describe us both first to give you a better idea.

Me: I'm 5ft 6', blonde, 32C, quite skinny and shaved.

Katie: 24 years old, 5ft 8', brunette, curvy but nowhere near fat, I guess a 32D, something like that, and trimmed.

I woke up horny, very horny, my boyfriend had failed to satisfy me the night before and I was begging for release. First things first I had to get ready for work. I changed into a black thong with a tight denim miniskirt that went down mid-thigh. I am proud of my legs so I didn't wear any stockings. I wore a tight black top, I didn't bother putting a bra on. As soon as I walked outside my nipples became stiff in the crisp morning air. I got into my car and drove the 15 miles towards work, skirt hiked high and rubbing my pebble. When I arrived at the car park I parked and I knew I would need a spatula to get me off the seat.

When I got into the office I looked at everyones timetables to see whether they were going out or not, I realised I was on my own with this cute girl called Katie between one and three. A chance!!

All morning I kept my legs apart a bit, making sure a couple of people would notice, it turned me on even more when I knew a bloke walked away with a bulge in his trousers.

One by one the office grew empty until Katie and I were left by ourselves. I brought up a few pics on my phone and reached under my skirt towards my soaking panties. I started to slowly rub, carefully as I didn't want to let on to Katie I was masturbating. A few minutes later I had an email popup, from Katie. 'Want to play a game? x'

I was intrigued so I emailed her back saying why not, I was kinda annoyed cos it strayed me from what I wanted most.

Two minutes later I had a reply, 'pull your panties down to your ankles xxx'

I did only cos I was so horny. I had an email back; 'I see you have done what I have asked, now come over here, I want to show you something xx'

I suddenly realised she could see because there was a gap between the floor and the desk. I wanted to keep this situation up, I pulled up my thong to just under my skirt and walked over to her.

I was greeted by an amazing sight, her jeans were unzipped and pulled down her thighs, no panties, her right hand was busy at her steaming mound. I kissed her deeply and she returned the favour. By this point we knew there was no pretence, I hiked up my skirt to show her my slit, she used her left hand to feel around my soaken mons, I reached over and undid her shirt exposing her huge breasts. I pulled my top down, making my tits pop out of their confinement. She stood up and hugged me, both virtually naked, we thrust upon each other, rubbing our clits together. She, the most powerful of us, picked me up and put me down onto the desk and reached inside her handbag and pulled out a mini vibe. She teased around the inside of my thighs before inserting it partway into my love canal to lubricate it, she then travelled back up to my clit and turned it on, the sensation was so wonderful and the eroticism of what we were doing sent me over the edge and I moaned and moaned as I climaxed, spraying juice over her stomach and tits.

I then fingered her soaking puss until she came, unlike me she's not a squirter so it wasn't as messy. By this time I again was extremely horny and I went to town on my clit, I got on top of Katie and humped her mound with my clit, before long I climaxed again, though not so hard this time. I leant down onto Katie hugging her, I kept gyrating on her clit, making her climax and bringing me to one more, we both sort of collapsed on top of each other after that, juices mingling around our slits.

After a while I got up and straightened everything out, I put my thong on over my dripping cunt and retired to my desk, leaving Katie to clean herself up. I realised there was still 45 minutes left until the first people were due to come back, I whipped out my phone and brought up my collection of home vids, I got my mini vibe back out and placed it between my thong and clit, wedging it there, I quickly came to another orgasm, but I didn't squirt. I carried on watching my vid with the vibe still going.

Suddenly, Jack, came back into the office followed by three people from our office, I was so shocked I forgot the vibe was in me! Jack struck up a conversation and I played along, before long I realised I still had the vibe in me, and I was approaching an orgasm!! knowing I couldnt leave the room at this point I gathered a few tissues for when the flow started, during all this I was still talking to Jack. I began to feel my muscles tightening and I knew I was at the point of no return, my legs parted wildly and I pulsated around the vibe, drawing it deeper into my now spurting snatch, I managed not to make hardly a sound during my climax and captured all of my over runs into the tissues. I rushed to the toilet to clean myself up. when I got back I could smell Katies and my own pussy in the air.

Nothing much happened then untill the end of the day when Jack left, as he exited the office he whispered in my ear; 'I knew what you were up to'

I'll let you know whether anything else happens.





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