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In the Not-So Privacy of my Back Yard

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In The Not-So Privacy of My Back Yard
As I read all these wonderful accounts, I can't help but want to share my favorite experience with the readers. This story takes place last summer.
In my short life (I am 17 now) I have not known a more erotic and pleasurable experience, and I assure you that however this may sound, it is entirely true.We had just moved into a new neighborhood, which consisted of only two houses as it was a new devolpement. On the day we arrived my family (me at 16, my brother at 7, and our parents) we were greeted by our soul neighboor. I remember being instantly attracted him, despite the apparent age difference. He was in his early 30's and his name was Greg Welks (name changed), but we just called him Greg.
We settled in quickly, and hadn't moved far, maybe 10 minutes from our old house and in the same town. The early days of summer was the best. My brother was never home, always at a camp or friends house, and both my parents worked so I had the house all to myself. I'd discovered the wonders of masturbating about 2 years ago, and since then found myself thouroughly "addicted" to it. My most memorable experience came on a hot day in mid-July of that summer.
Our house was without air conditioning, and it always seemed cooler outside, despite 90 degree heat. I was feeling particularly horny that day and eventually got myself into my dad's stash of porno mags. I picked out a Penthouse and browsed through it. I enjoyed the pictorials of men and women having sex, and my fingers instinctively found their way to my increasingly wet pussy. I looked outside into the inviting shade and decided I'd get a lawn chair out and continue masturbating where it was comfortable. I don't remember how long I was fingering myself or how many times I had orgasmed when I got the feeling someone was watching me. I looked across the backyard where I could see the back of Greg's house, when I squinted I could see a figure with binoculars pressed to his face and staring out the kitchen slider. The realization hit me like an intense orgasm: He was watching me!
This made me hotter than ever and soon did I not only have my hands down my panties, but my shirt was off too and while one hand finger fucked my twat the other massaged my large boobs. When I came for the final time I decided it was time to go in.
No sooner had I opened the door than the phone rang. It was greg. "Uh, hi Shan, I uh, was wondering if you could help me with my computer? It froze." He stammered. I don't think he knew I knew he had been watching me, and I got a little tense. I glanced at the Penthouse on the table though and could think of nothing else better than to have his tongue sweeping my wet hole and me with my hands and mouth around a throbbing cock. I quickly agreed and made my way over, still in my bikini bottom and t-shirt. As a last minute bonus, I took off my bikini top underneth the t and played with my tits until they were rock hard and pushed against my shirt.
I knocked on his door, getting even hotter and wetter by the minute. He answered the door wearing a wife beater and khaki shorts. God did he look good! I licked my lips and asked seductively "what seems to be the problem?"
I could tell he was nervous and didn't expect me to come as I was. "My computer...", and he trailed off as I walked into his house.
I felt his eyes on my tight ass as he followed me into the study. Suddenly I coudln't take it anymore. "You like to watch me? You want to see me up close?" Without waiting for an answer I took off my shirt to expose my 34C cups and slim waste. The buldge in his shorts was noticeable and I gazed at it hungerly. I could tell Greg was starting to loosen up now. I ran my hands over my mature body and let a small moan escape. I walked towards him and planted a hard deep kiss on his mouth, jamming my tongue in as far as it would go. I continued kissing him as I reached for his hand it slipped it into my wet bikini bottoms. His smooth fingers tumbled over my mound and ran through my furry bush. Using his ring and fore finger he spread my thick pussy lips apart and inserted his middle finger into my cunt while rubbing his calloused thumb against my clit. I moaned and pushed myself closer to him. I continued to let him finger me while I unbuckled his pants. My whole body shivered in anticipation as I felt for one of the largest cocks imaginable. A full 9 or 10 inches errect, it continued to swell in my hands. I bent in front of him and put my lips against the head of his dick. I lolled my tongue around the tip for a while. He moaned in pleasure. My hands were free and I tickled the underside of his balls while I deep throated him. "OH God," he would moan.
There was a couch in the corner of the room and he led me over there. Greg took off his shirt and layed down on the couch. "I want to taste your pussy," he said, oh yess... His hands explored my body as his experienced tongue roamed in my pussy. I felt thick streams of my juices slide through my thighs and across his mouth. He flicked my clit and sucked it between his tongue and teeth. He tongue teased my slit and his fingers ran through my ass crack. I could barely reach his dick from our posistion, but managed to sqeeze and tug it to it's first orgasm when he moaned against my pussy. My body racked hard and I screamed with the first intense orgasm. He prepared to stop but I explained to him my habit for multiple succesional orgasms. So, as he continued to lay on the couch I got on top and lowered myself down onto his amazingly hard cock, listening to the sound of my juices squish as I attempted to fit in as much of his meat as possible.
My tight pussy could barely take all of his manhood and I bucked, pumped and reared as hard and fast as I could. "Ohhhh," he said as his hips shuddered, and he released his stream of hot cum into my pussy, overflowing my tight hole it streamed between our steamy naked bodies. I leaned over and put my tits in his mouth and continued to make love to him until I felt a final orgasm. My pussy tightened around his dick and I shoved it in as hard and fast as I could, letting his hugh member scrap across my clit as we pumped.
Eventually all good things must come to an end, or at least that particular session. We got together many times that summer for a good mutual masturbation session, or hot passionate sex. Lucky for me he's sterile!



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