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In the Men's Room

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This happened to me the other day in a church. I was doing some financial work in the church offices one afternoon. I had a key to the building and let myself in. No one else was there. I worked for a couple of hours and then had to pee so I headed for the men's room. When I got in the hallway a woman was knocking on the door to get in. I didn't know at the time why she wanted in but found out later that she had left a coat on the hanger in the hall that Sunday and came to retrieve it.

I opened the door and let her in. She looked to be in her mid thirties and more than average good looking. She came in and we struck up a conversation making small talk about the weather, etc. We chatted for a while then, finding we had a few things in common, moved to a couch in the foyer for more talk. She exhibited a nice set of tits under her sweater and a jacket that she had on. The jacket was unbuttoned and open. She would occasionally raise her chest pushing her breasts up and out, obviously trying to get them noticed. She also would slowly open and close her legs. Nothing showed, though, as she had a knee-length skirt on. The skirt did suggestively sag between her legs showing the contours of her upper thighs. I took this to be some kind of sexual signal.

The conversation turned ever so slowly to sexual innuendoes. Then I remembered that I was on a trip to the men's room and got this most daring idea. Should I suggest that she accompany me to the men's room? How would she react? Would this be an insult? Would it break the sexual tension that was definitely building between us? I asked... She gave me a double-take. Then smiled and said, 'OK, let's.' 'But let's visit the women's room first.' Wow! This was hot! She apparently had more on her mind than just retrieving a coat. I could feel by cock push against the front of my pants.

We went into the women's room. How hot to be in a women's room with a woman! Any man's dream. She opened the door to a stall, went in and locked the door. I then heard a tinkle, tinkle, a flush then she emerged. Apparently she had to go pee-pee as well.

We then left the women's rest room and went to the men's room. (Again, we were alone in the building. How convenient and exciting.) My heart was now thumping wildly. I reached for my cock now and then, secretly feeling it through my pants. We continued the sexual bantering talking about the layout of the men's room as opposed to the women's. I asked her if she knew what the wall mounted urinals are used for. Without answering, she turned around and backed up against one of the two urinals and sat on the porcelain edge. 'You mean like this,' she asked? 'And how do you pee?' Then without saying anything else she looked me in the eyes and began to inch her dress up her legs. It came up and up until I could see her panty crotch and more. Then she opened her legs. Can you imagine? We just met and now she was sitting on the edge of a urinal pulling her dress up for me? I reached for my zipper and slowly pulled it down, our eyes glued to each other. Our chatting had stopped. I reached in and pulled out a now rock hard cock, including my balls. Everything was hanging out. She didn't take her eyes away from mine. I squeezed my cock a few time and felt the most exciting feeling I have ever felt. My God, it was exciting, And felt sooo good!

Within seconds precum came flowing from my penis head dripping to the restroom floor. I pulled the foreskin over the end of my cock spreading the precum over the head and then began to slowly masturbate. I moved closer to her so that we were only a foot or so apart, slowly moving my foreskin up the shaft, over the head, and back again. I could see her hand reaching down to her crotch and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. She moved her legs, spreading them wide. I stood between her spread legs.

In just a few minutes I could feel my climax coming fast. My pumping action picked up. Then she grabbed my cock and took over stroking me. I blurted out to her warning that I was about to cum. She stood and moved to my side still pumping me. Then it happened. I squirted my hot cum into the urinal. She pumped me all the while I was squirting. After I finished, I flushed the urinal, looked at her, smiled, and said 'thanks.' Then we left the men's room back into the hall. She got her coat from the coat rack and left the building. I stood there totally dazed with what had just happened. Then I locked the office and went home with one of the best memories I could ever hope for. We never met again.



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