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In the Locker Room

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It all started with me and my friend Nick, we were both of a good build, tall, muscular, good looking; we had been friends for a long time and did almost everything together, but this story centers mostly around our time spent playing on our high school football team. I had never thought of myself as completely gay, more as bi-sexual. I always had a small crush on Nick, with his tan body, chiseled abs and face, strong thighs and wonderful cock. Who wouldn't love it? And did he look GOOD in a cup and jockstrap. Though I admired his body a lot, I never had any sexual fantasies about him.

Our school had an average amount of students but the school itself was quite small; everything was in short supply including the sport lockers. Me and Nick ended up sharing a locker together and it didn't weird us out or anything because we were such good friends.

Everyday after football practice, we would all come in sweaty and hot and tired, change, maybe take a shower and leave. Our whole school was quite open and no one seemed very self-concious so no one was shy about exposing themselves in the locker rooms. It was because of this that I got to see Nick's cock so often, not to mention all of the other guys as well. I'm pretty sure that he checked mine out a few times too. Whenever we took showers I loved to see Nick's cock swag back and forth, hitting his thighs as he walked. It seemed so perfect. His balls were shaved as were mine and a few other guys as well (It was a tradition for the seniors to shave their cocks for the first game of the season and I guess lots of them liked it a lot so they continued doing it and it became more of a common thing for the lower classmen. Weird tradition, huh? But it worked out all the better for me.). His balls were pretty interesting too. Big and low hanging. I just wanted to go over and start playing with his cock and balls like a kitten would play with a ball of string. Sounds like I like him more than just a small crush, doesn't it?

One day after practice, my coach told me to stay after and help put away all of the equipment because I had been 'horseing around' during practice. Nick volunteered to stay too and help. After we cleaned up the coach left and told us to hurry and change and go home. Me and Nick went into the locker room extra beat from the cleanup and stripped to take a shower. We stuffed all of our stuff into the single locker (it was a bigger one since we had to share but it was still a challenge) and walked to the shower area. We washed off, talking to each other and stuff, with me secretly checking him out when he wasn't looking. Nick finished his shower shortly before mine and I admired the view as he walked away. When I finished drying off I headed back over to our locker and started to change, Nick was almost done. I was just slipping on my briefs (we both wore them) when I looked down and saw Nick's name writen on the inner band. I started to laugh and looked at Nick who was just slipping on his shirt and explained it to him. He chuckled, looked down and flipped up the band of my underwear just to check.

When I saw he wasn't making any move to unchange I asked him to have mine back. I had pulled up Nick's on me, and more likely than not, subconciously. He looked back at me with our tight briefs around each other's waists, smirked as if he had just had a great idea and said 'Come and get them' and took off. I chased after him through the rows of lockers with the sound of our laughter and bare footsteps echoing around the room. I caught up to him and tackled him to the ground. We wrestled a bit, but I finally pinned him down. My face was directly over his, our heavy breaths mingeling in the air.

'You won,' he said, 'but I'm not going to get them.'

I looked down, I didn't even notice it before but I had a boner, I could feel my face starting to get red. Then I saw the bulge in Nick's pants. I leaned back, sitting on his legs and started to unbutton his jeans. It seemed as if someone hit the pause button then because I just sat there and started to think. Here I was sitting on top of my best friend in only HIS briefs unbuttoning his jeans. It was like some of my dreams I never knew I had dreamt had been fulfilled. I must have sat there too long because Nick grabbed my arm. I looked at him, our eyes locking, his beautiful green eyes gazing into my blue ones. I let Nick pull me down and I fell on top of him with my boned cock pressing against his even bigger bulge. Our faces were close again but this time instead of pulling away we got closer. He closed his eyes and I closed mine and we kissed each other. It was a quick kiss, I pulled my head back a little and we looked into each other's eyes again. We both smiled and I could tell he liked it. I went down again and we started to make out.

I could feel his tongue pushing against my lips and I let it slid in. Our saliva mixed and I pushed his tongue back in his mouth and started to search around in there as if looking for a secret treasure. His arm wraped around my back and I put mine behind his head, pushing his mouth even closer and harder against mine. I just couldn't get enough of him. I felt his hand start to drift down my back and he reached my butt and started to massage it. I sat up and started to unbutton his shirt and threw it open. I grabbed his hard pecs and leaned back down to kiss him. I moved down off his lips and started to kiss his neck and then his chest and then his bellybutton all the while running my hand across his hard abs. I unzipped his jeans and started to work them off and I was pleased to see his dick tenting my briefs. I grabbed his crotch and rubbed it with my hand.

I started to kiss Nick again. He put his hand back on my butt and slipped his hand down my briefs. He started to rub his finger through my anus crack and that really got me going. I continued to kiss him but I just couldn't take it any longer. I got up and threw off my briefs exposing my throbbing cock to Nick. The whole seven cut inches pulsating with anticipation. He got up too and took off his underwear letting me see his deeply colored seven and a half inch uncut cock with its veins popping out on all sides. We were both transfixed with each other's dicks. I reached down and took hold of his massive cock and started to pump it with both of my hands. He leaned on my shoulders as his legs became weak with pleasure. His dick finally exploded with a huge amount of cum spurting everywhere, onto my hand and chest and face and the floor and some even on the lockers behind me. He collapsed into my arms and just mumbled thanks. After a few minutes, he said that it was my turn. He picked me up with his strong arms, holding me close to his chest, and carried me over to one of the built in benches and gently layed me down as if he was tucking in a small child into his bed. We smiled at each other and he began to pump my cock slowly. He then saddeled me with his front facing my cock. He was far enough onto my chest that I was able to reach around and start to fondle his now semi-limp cock.

Precum began to leak out of my dick and Nick's hand began to work faster. He played with my balls for a while and then reached under my sack and started to push against my anal hole. This got me real good and I immediately shot my biggest load ever far into the air, most of it landing on the lockers to the left. The highest spurt, though, landed on top on Nick's hair. He continued to pump for a while. When he finished, he leaned back and I reached around him putting one of my arms on his pec and the other I used to start tugging at his limp cock. I started to lick his ear and tug at it with my teeth. He seemed to like that. We got up after a while and looked at each other, our bodies smeared with cum and our limp dicks still slightly throbbing from the extreme pleasure we had given each other. We hugged for a long time letting our sweat mix with our cum on each other's bodies. We made out some more and finally cleaned up but we left most of our cum that had hit the lockers for a little present for the other boys the next day.

We quickly showered under the same head and dried each other off. We talked about what had happened and agreed that we would do it again sometime soon. We changed and walked off kissing each other goodbye. He turned but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. We embraced and madeout for a few more seconds before we left. As I walked home I thought that it was quite funny, we never resolved our problem, I was still wearing his and he was still wearing mine.



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