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In the Little Room

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My family are quite religious, and naturally from India we still have certain customs. Like arranged marriage, and that sort of thing. So I've never been in a relationship situation, or had any intimate experience up until this story.

I'm eighteen and the younger sister of two, I'm about 5'7', 34b boobs, curvy hips and waist, little bit chubby, and as you might guess, dark-skinned.

One summer we had a 'party' for our extended family, some coming from India, some from Canada; there were about 45 of us staying in our house, and my sister's (she's 24, and has a house with her husband). We were celebrating the birth of a relative; in our fmaily, this is a big event, and most of our family meet to celebrate and be together for a week.

My cousin Laranya is also 18; she lives in Canada, and I see her about three or four times a year, sometimes here, sometimes in Canada, sometimes in India. She's much like me but taller and slimmer. She's a little more fair-skinned.

It was the second day of the ceremonial party, and about nine in the evening. Our house is quite big, it has six bedrooms and two bathrooms. Laranya was in the dining room looking a little nauseous, and she saw that I was a little too. I told her I felt sick and she told me she did too, it must have been something we ate.

She said to me, we should go the little room (what we typically call the shower-room, as opposed to the bigger bathroom) in case we were sick. I agreed. We headed upstairs and as we did, Aunt Mehrinda came out, asking us what we were up to. We told her we felt unwell, she said she agreed, we looked pale. She said we could sit in there and lock the door; she'd tell everyone we weren't well.

We thanked her and went in the room. It felt much smaller with two of us; there was the toilet, a small basin, and a small area of floor. I went to the basin to splash cool water on my face, but it sprayed us both; Laranya was soaked, her sari was white and see-through in places. We giggled, then I slipped on the wet tiles laughing. Laranya caught me, but I banged my head a little. She quickly sat legs apart on the floor and held me against her chest, smoothing my hair.

She told me that I'd passed out (I didn't remember much after banging my head), that she'd held me up. She was soaking, her sari was sticking to me. I said to her, it must be uncomfortable, take it off if you want. She said, she had no bra, only if I took mine off would she. I felt sorry for her, so I did too. We sat there in just our knickers and me with a bra, and giggled. I didn't feel so dizzy.

I told her she had a lovely body, and she told me she wanted to feel my boobs, as they were bigger than hers; I said ok, you can, if I can feel yours. Hers weren't so droppy as mine; hers poked straight forward and felt much firmer than mine. As she squeezed mine I felt all giddy. Then I blushed; there was a wet patch in my underwear. I said 'Oh no Laranya, I've peed myself, I'm sooo sorry.'

She giggled, and said to me to ssssh. She turned to face me, slid the waistband of my knickers down, and ran a finger between my 'special lips' as she called them. It felt sooooo good. She said, do you see, that's not peepee, that's a special liquid for when a girl is sexy.

I asked to feel hers, to make her giggle in the way I was. She stood up and slipped her knickers down. She had no hair on her lips. I was about to ask, and she interrupted, she said she shaved. She said, do you ever play with yourself. I didn't understand. So she sat on the toilet and told me to sit on her lap after taking off my knickers. I did, and faced away from her. She put her right hand between my thighs and rubbed the inside of my lips. I started to shake, and soon I was moving unable to keep still. Not long after, I'd made the toilet seat really wet and started to be out of breath. Then I felt a really nice feeling, Laranya said I had 'come'.

We chatted about how a girl could come and do it to herself, and that a guy does it in sex. I learnt a lot in that little room. She let me try it on her; she didn't come but she said I wasn't far. She kissed me to thank me on the cheek, but I read it wrong and kissed her lips. We kissed for a long time, it felt so good. We giggled, she told me she didn't mean to 'snog' but it was realy nice.

We got dressed as her sari was nearly dry, and went downstairs feeling much less unwell!

We asked my mother if we could sleep in a tent for the last evenings of the family celebration, she said we could as the room we shared with three others was very cramped. Laranya taught me a lot more about 'coming' and stuff over the next few nights.

Thank you for reading my story. I am sorry for the English, I'm still learning. Laranya learnt everything she taught me from this web site, so I will thank you all very much! I hope I am doing for someone else what this site has done for Laranya and me!

Love and kisses! Amina xx



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