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In the Limo after Prom

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Jim was my date to the prom. We weren't dating then, it was more of in our group of friends, we were both single and so decided to be each other's date. I had a small crush on him, but I only saw this prom night as us being friends with no one else to go with. That night changed everything.

The prom was great and while we danced, Jim told me how he had feelings for me. I don't remember my exact response, but I basically told him it was mutual. We spent the rest of the night making out on the dance floor. We then went to the after-party, but found it hard to find a quite spot to continue our session until about 3am.

I have pretty strict parents and even though it was prom night, they weren't ready to let their little princess stay out all night. They saved me the embarrassment of picking me up by at least being generous enough to pay a little extra for the limo that picked me and my friends up to drive me home. As my curfew approached, Jim offered to escort me home. As soon as we were in the limo, Jim raised the partition and right away we pounced on each other. We couldn't keep our hands off each other as we made out. I pushed him down on the bench and then laid on top of him as we continued. Then I felt it. His cock was so hard as it pressed into me.

'You turn me on so much' he told me. 'I can tell' is all what I replied. He then asked if I wanted to see it. I had never been with a boy and never seen a penis before, but I was so excited and turned on by what we were doing I just blurted out 'hell yes'. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, hard cock. It was incredible. He asked if I wanted to touch it and give him a handjob. I didn't know exactly what to do, but he showed me. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and moved it up and down like he asked me to. I was very excited and felt kind of proud to make someone so hard and turned on.

As I stroked him, he started to squeeze my breasts, which only excited me more. He asked if I was enjoying it. I told him how I was loving it, and that my pussy was getting very wet. 'Oh my God, really?' he asked, 'I want to touch it.' I wasn't going to say no. I hiked up my dress pulled down my pantyhose and panties. I have been masturbating for years, but to have someone else touch my privates was such a rush. I could tell Jim was inexperienced in this part as well, but it still felt so good and he was open to direction. I helped him find my clit and then to put one of his fingers inside me. For someone inexperienced, he found my G-spot quickly. His finger felt so good, I completely forgot about his cock in my hand, I was just in a daze of pleasure, focusing on my building orgasm. I bit my lip to keep from screaming as I felt my pussy contracting as I orgasmed.

As my body relaxed, I then realized I was still holding his hard cock. I apologized for neglecting it, but he didn't seem to mind. I resumed my pumping action and it wasn't long before Jim was shooting his cum. It was so warm and thick as it ran down his shaft and over my hands. Luckily the limo had some tissues so we could clean up.

Jim and I officially became boyfriend/girlfriend after that night and we're still together.



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