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In the Library

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In the Library

I want to tell you about an exciting wanking session I had about an hour ago.

One of my favorite places for public masturbation is the old library. The reason it's such a good place to jerk off is because it has a small room in the very back with solid book shelves. Not the kind of shelves with no middle wall. You know the ones that you can see through.

There are two shelves that go through the middle of the room. They're about chest high and block the view of anyone looking in from the main room. The check out desk is just around another corner. But I can't see it from the back room. There's one of those curved mirrors up in the far corner of the big room. This helps me keep an eye on people approaching. But it's far enough away that people can't tell what I'm up to.

There are two large windows that look across the street to some office buildings. The library is on the second floor so people walking by can't see into the rooms.

Here's what I usually do:

I wear a pair of cotton lounge type pants with and elastic waist because they're really easy to pull down. I'm not wearing any underwear.

I start by standing behind the back row and I pull down my pants to just below my butt then I start stoking my penis. I carefully watch the main room for two reasons. Number one of course is to make sure no one comes in to my room and catches me masturbating. But the other reason is that is so much fun to watch women coming and going and stopping front of various shelves to look at books. And there I am just a few yards away playing with my cock.

After a few minutes I start to get hard. If things seem pretty quiet I'll reach into my bag and pull out a small bottle of lube and squirt a bit onto the tip of my cock. I put the bottle away and slowly rub the lube all over my erection.

I keep my back the windows and push my crotch in between an empty space on the shelves. Once my cock is nice and hard I will walk around to the end of the shelf. Because of the way the room and the shelves are situated no one can see in unless they walk right in to my room. If there's nobody close then I will wiggle my hips until my pants fall down around my ankles. This is the part where I really start to get excited. I keep checking to make sure it's safe but I also look down at my swollen penis. I will usually add a little saliva to make my dick extra slippery. By now it's really rosie red, glistening with lube and spit and it's standing straight up. I can feel it throbbing in my hand. If it's a perfect day to jerk off then I might see a woman walk by and stop to look at books in the next room. But even if there is no one around I usually start to cum pretty soon after my pants are all the way down. I look down and watch as spurts of hot white jizz shoot out of the tip of my penis. They make little splats on the floor. After I milk the last few drops of semen out of my cock I pull up my pants then wipe the cum off the floor.

So today I'm standing in my usual spot behind the back shelf. I've got a nice big erection and it's lubed up just right. I'm just about to step out around the end of the shelf when a serious looking Asian woman walks up to the a shelf in the main room. She looks to be in her early thirties and she's wearing earbuds so I start to stroke my self nice and fast. I figure she can't hear the smacking sound my hand is making on my wet penis.

She's turned in a profile to me concentrating on the books in front of her. This is really starting to turn me on. All of a sudden she turns toward me and walks into my room! Luckily she stays two shelves away. She seems oblivious to me so I just continue masturbating and watching her out of the corner of my eye. I can feel my orgasm starting to build as she turns away from me to look at some books. This is so great. I love secretly masturbating around women. I stop stroking my hardon for a minute so I can savor the moment when another woman walks in! She's maybe a bit older than the first woman. I get ready to pull my pants up, but I keep quietly stroking. This second woman walks between the two shelves and turns her back toward me. This is way too much. I stare at the backs of these two women as my cock begins to ejaculate. I alternate looking up at the women and looking down at my spurting penis. It just keeps cumming and cumming. I can't help but moan a tiny bit. I squeeze the last bit of jizz out and take my hand off my cock. I look down and watch it pulse and throb. There's a big string of cum hanging off the tip. I look back up as both women amble out of the room and disappear into the main area.

Wow. This really happened about one hour ago. I'm going to masturbate again right now as I replay the whole thing in my mind.

My next story will about masturbating at the nude beach. Yes!




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