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In the Library

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Many years ago, I was in a small town near my home, while on a business trip. I had always liked to frequent libraries, having a fetish for girls and women's upskirts, so I decided to pay a visit to the local library. It was small, and I was a little nervous as I was afraid I could be seen when I knelt down to look up a girls dress. I took a seat and glanced through a magazine. Shortly I saw a cute college age girl come in. She was wearing a denim skirt, several inches above her knees, and flip flops. She was a redhead and tiny, less than five feet tall, and very petite.

She went to the card catalogue (This was prior to computer card catalogues), and wrote down several numbers for books and went into the stacks. I got up and walked into the stacks, hoping for a chance to see her panties, and I saw her squat down to look on a lower shelf. I moved over to the next aisle, to kneel and look through the books to see up her skirt. Damn, there was a guy already there, looking up her skirt as I rounded the corner of the aisle. I pretended to look for a book on an upper shelf, and out the corner of my eye, I could see him nervously eyeing me and then up her skirt and then me, possibly thinking I was a library security person (If such a small town even had such a thing!). I noticed that I was actually getting turned on just watching him upskirt the girl, and got hard as a rock.

He suddenly got up and left, so I guess he had enough of a mental picture to go the the mens room and jerk off to her undies. I quickly moved into place and she was still there. She had actually sat down in the next aisle, Indian style, with her legs crossed, and looking through the bottom shelf, I was inches from her crotch. Her legs were smooth and tan, and her panties were white and made of a silky looking material. Her crotch looked to be a bit moist, and I could see some blondish-red pubic hair protruding out from the leg bands. I wanted to take this vision to the mens room and relieve myself, but I knew that the other guy was there (It was a small, one person john, so I knew the door would be locked.) My heart was pounding and I unzipped my trousers and took my penis out, stroking it slowly. I adjusted several books on the second shelf and found that I had improved my view, as her legs were not in the way as they were from the lower view.

She casually scratched her inner thigh as she read the book in her other hand, and I stroked myself faster, hoping that no one would come. I was afraid she could hear my breathing, as I was as turned on as I had ever been in my life. I was now in a kneeling position and leaning forward against the shelves as I jerked my cock faster. Then, I shot my load of cum over the books on the bottom shelf. Some of it must have bounced off a book cover and went through on to her leg, as she jerked her leg back, but did not get up. I wiped my cock on my handkerchief and zipped up and left. I saw her wiping her leg with a tissue and she gave me a very dirty look as I walked by and looked at her for one last time. I don't think I have ever had a climax to equal that one. I guess it was the fact that she was so cute, and that I thought I may get caught at any moment!



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