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In the Laboratory

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In front of girls.


Years ago I worked in a lab testing various devices.

There were two others working with me, two girls, Stacy and Melinda. The boss was very rarely there. We all knew our jobs and did them well without supervision.

Most of the work was fun, always doing something different. A few chores were boring, during these times we would get to talking. Melinda was married and Stacy had a boyfriend. I was single.

Once during some boring job we were all sitting around a table and talk turned to penises. Both girl's partners were uncircumcised. They said they had never seen a circumcised penis. I jokingly said they could see mine. At first nothing more was said. Until the next time, doing another mundane job they reminded me that I said I would show them my cock.

We did work in a lab and had various visitors and we could never be sure when a professor from another department would come in. So I wasn't going to just drop my trousers in front of both of them.

They both said not to worry nobody comes in except after calling. I still didn't feel comfortable with that idea. I said I'd show them in the bathroom but one would have to stand guard in the foyer, and warn us if anyone came in.

Melinda went first, we went in and kept the door slightly open. If anybody came in Melinda would just walk out and I'd come out after zipping up. Nobody would be the wiser. I don't know why I was so worried.

Melinda sat while I stood in front of her. I opened up my pants and she just looked. She then said, 'Interesting.'

She asked if she could touch it. And I told her to go ahead. She picked it up and looked at the underside.

'Well, it is a nice looking penis. Very handsome. One day your girl friend will be proud of you.' Both girls knew I was unattached.

She went out and took over Stacy's job of look out. At first from being a little nervous I stayed flaccid. After all Melinda was married and we were being clinical. As she handled it, it started to erect and by the time Stacy walked in I was at full arousal.

Stacy let out a little gasp when she saw it at first. She said she was surprised it was so large at my age. I was nineteen or twenty, both girls were closer to thirty and were long since out of school. She said her boyfriend never got that big and she wasn't sure if she'd want to have sex with such a large penis anyway. It may hurt.

The few girls I had sex with, at first, said the same thing. It always fit fine. One girl I knew I did scare off though. Rhonda never did accept another date invitation from me, once we got to the point in our relationship where sex was inevitable.

Stacy also was touching my dick and then we heard a knock on the wall. Sure enough a prof had come in asked for a file. Stacy ran out and Melinda was at the file cabinets looking for what the prof wanted.

I flushed the toilet and came out. Nobody the wiser of what we'd been doing.

That's all that went on for a few days. Nothing more was said about it. They both thanked me later the same day.

Later, again while doing another mundane job, sitting around the table, both girls commented they thought a circumcised penis was much more handsome than an uncut one, and would have their sons circumcised when the time came. Melinda brought up the fact, while smiling at Stacy she never did get to see the whole deal and felt sad she never got to see me erect. Stacy quipped that she didn't have the sex appeal and I obviously liked her better. I was ready to show them again but they never asked. I was hoping they would, but I wanted to stay professional around them. I was trying to be more mature.

It was many weeks before anything else happened besides the teasing that just helped the work day go more quickly. Both girls now openly flirted with me and called me their 'little brother'.

One day we got a new microscope, a new stereophonic one. The girls quickly demanded that I go into the bathroom and give them a sperm sample. I, of course, just laughed.

They had other ideas. At lunch they put a sign on the door that we'd be back in an half hour.

That was the time of our break. They closed the door to the foyer and nobody could see in. And if anybody knocked on the door we just wouldn't answer it.

Stacy was grabbing at my crotch and it was soon apparent I was sporting wood. Melinda said she wasn't going to miss out this time. She was the one pulling down my zipper. I had no other choice but to pull out my cock and show them.

Stacy then reached in a drawer and pulled out a sterile petri dish. Now I knew this was planned as chemistry tests were done in another lab. We just had no need for them for what we did.

They played it clinical for the time being. They got some antiseptic and spread it on the head of my cock told me to get started. I acted modest but really I was looking forward to jacking off a nice load in front of them. Melinda then said to go into the bathroom and do what 'came naturally'.

I protested saying that with no visual stimuli nothing was going to happen. Stacy said no problem, Melinda would strip for me. Melinda said Stacy should strip for me.

Then Melinda said she had an idea, she would help me and that would solve it. She put on a rubber glove and told me to walk over. Stacy held the dish in front of my cock and said, 'Just say when'.

At first I thought that would work but the more she stroked my cock I knew nothing was going to happen that way. She just wasn't any good at hand jobs.

I lubed up my hand and stroked away. I was loving it. I never realized how exciting it would be jacking off with an audience. I soon shot off and Stacy caught most of it. The first squirt, she misjudged the trajectory and it hit her square on her blouse just above her tits. She had to wear a lab coat the rest of the day and then driving home.

She collected my semen and then put some on a slide for the new microscope.

The boss sent a memo asking how the new scope helped us performing our job. Melinda wrote that it was quite satisfactory in a preliminary test.

Melinda then said my my new nick name would be 'Big brother'. Now that she had seen the size of my cock in it's erect state.

Turns out I was young and naive in college. I was sexually harassed, and didn't even know it.

I'm not complaining.

Since then I've had many fantasies of stroking my dick in front of clothed women. Very rarely have I ever gotten the chance to do it for real.

It's best to do these things when you are young and still handsome.

Melinda, Stacy, if you read this. Don't be mad I used your real names. Just a little pay back.



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