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In the Kitchen

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I've been having an affair with the cook at the restaurant I work in. Not a full-blown affair, we don't have intercourse or even kiss each other, he's married with a small kid. But we've fallen into the habit of masturbating each other. I think it started because the restaurant isn't very busy and we're pretty bored most of the time. Also I would be lying if I said there wasn't an attraction there.

This is what happened today.

Once again it was pretty quiet, so the boss went home after lunch. I was really pleased because I knew it meant we had a chance to have a little fun. Because Spencer's the one being unfaithful, I kind of leave it up to him to initiate things. I don't want him to feel like he's under pressure. It's just a little fun really. But I usually start off by leaning over the table as I'm cleaning it. I know he likes the way my ass looks, I'm slim with long legs and I've been told my butt is like J-Lo's...very flattering!

I usually put on a nice pair of panties for Spencer, black lace or something silky. He likes good underwear, it really turns him on.

Today I was bending right over the tables, knowing that he can see a bit of my panties over the top of my trousers. He went real quiet and there was real sexual tension in the air. At this point I was really getting turned on myself, and I noticed the lovely shape of his erection in his pants.

Without saying anything, he brushed past me, watching out of the windows to make sure no one was watching. Then he stood behind me, squeezing my ass and rubbing my thighs, making me get even more excited. I didn't say a word, and neither did he, it's the tension that makes it matter with stuff like this. He pushed my legs further apart with one of his, and started stroking my pussy through my trousers. By now I was pretty wet and I knew he could probably feel it. I was breathing really heavily too, he's pretty good with his fingers and usually makes me come.

He stroked me and stroked me, dry humping my ass with his erection while he was fingering me. I was a total slave by then, whimpering and panting and begging him not to stop touching me. He kept telling me to shush a bit, because he's really worried about getting caught, but I couldn't help it at this point. I was getting that feeling in my stomach and my pussy was dripping, open and hot under his relentless fingers. I grabbed the edge of the table, thrust my hips and mouthed obscenely as I came.

By this point I think he really needed release too, because he pulled me up and dragged me out into the kitchen. He positioned me so I was standing half in and half out of the door (so I can watch for anyone coming in). I grabbed his cock through his trousers and stroked it. He panted and murmured how good it felt so I gently scratched my fingernails over the head and shaft, outlined perfectly in his pants.

He stepped back and opened his pants to free his shaft and push it frantically into my hand. He's got a great cock, really sexy looking. He's uncut and about five and a half inches, usually pink or red when he's hard, sometimes when I wear stockings to work, he'll pull it out and it's purple with need. That really turns me on.

I wrapped my hand around his warm soft shaft near the head and started pumping. He likes it quite fast, and so I rolled his foreskin back and forth, enjoying the feeling of the skin rolling over the head again and again.

What I enjoyed even more though, were the sounds he was making. He was standing right behind me (remember I have to keep watch the whole time I am doing this!) with his head on the wall, panting and whimpering into my ear. I love the way his sounds seem to build up and up. He starts off with just some heavy breathing and the occasional 'yes', then he'll start to tell me how good it is, how much he enjoys my hand jobs. Next he'll start grabbing my ass again, undoing my pants to look at my underwear.

At this point his cock gets even bigger in my hand and I know he's in the last few stages before he shoots. Today I turned round at this point to have a look at how big and hard his cock is (that really turns me on) and his face was a picture. He was leaning against the wall as usual and his eyes were half closed and he had his mouth partly open with his tongue out, licking at the air. He was obviously really into it. It was just about the sexiest thing I've ever seen.

He grabbed at my arm to guide my stroking and went a bit weak in the knees like he always does when he's about to come. He sort of bends over and gets really frantic, thrusting his hips back and forth through my hand. Then he muttered 'oh shit I'm gonna come' and pulled his cock away from me so he wouldn't cover me in his load.

I watched as he jacked himself through his orgasm, a good ten spurts of seed shooting about six feet across the floor while he panted and grunted. I like to watch this closely because I often fantasise about it while I am masturbating alone.

After he had finished I said thank you and so did he. He wiped his hand and his cock and tucked it back into his pants. Then he made me a coffee and we never mentioned it again. This is what we always do, which I guess is a bit weird but it's pretty exciting. Sure breaks up my working day!

He's off on vacation for a week now, but I'm going to surprise him with some sexy underwear when he gets back. I will post all about what happens then.

I love this site, it's fantastic. Keep up the good work, Solo Touch.



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