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In the Japanese Bath

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The best foreplay of my life, followed by... read on... Here is another experience with the same girl I wrote about once before....

Massager Experience in Japan


We were staying in a ryokan in Japan. These are traditional Japanese inns: the bedroom is a tatami-matted space that is first dining-room, later bedroom. Very traditional, very wabi-sabi.
We ate our dinner, and afterwards the maid came in to explain where the baths were. Men here, women there. Then she told us that the ryokan was not full, and, if we wanted to bathe together, we should just go to one of the baths, and lock the door behind us. And she gave us the key.
So we went upstairs to the bath. It was a typical communal Japanese bath: a large steaming tub surrounded by an area with taps and showers: the idea is to get clean before entering the bath: the bath is for relaxing in hot, clean water.
We each sat on the little wooden stools provided and soaped up. Inevitably, I ended up squatting behind her, soaping her body, and being especially generous to her boobs. I could see and feel her getting aroused as I ran my hands over and over her hardening nipples, and she began to moan and sigh gently and collapse back into my body. She returned the favor by passing a soapy hand behind her back, and rubbing it over my cock, before it all became too much for her, and she transferred her attentions to her own crotch.
How long this went on I do not remember, but somehow we knew there was more to come, and did not make each other come.
After a time, we dried off, put on yukata - light cotton kimonos - left the bathroom and went out onto the roof of the ryokan, with its view over Kyoto. I stood behind her as we gazed over the city, and it must have been seconds before I slipped a hand inside her yukata and began exploring her moist pussy. I was standing proud from the front of my own yukata, and she began fondling and stroking me ever so slowly.
The next thing I remember is sitting with my back to a wall on the roof of the ryokan as she stood over me with her legs apart, supporting herself with her arms against the wall while I slowly licked at her pussy.
Eventually, her legs began shaking and she pulled herself away from me, took me by the hand and led me silently to the door that led back downstairs. Looking back, I cannot believe that we had gone so far and neither of us had come. I guess anyone meeting us on the steps would have seen the bulge inn the front of my yukata and smelled the powerful scent of sex from her, but we met no one.
We got back to our room. The bed was made up on the floor. Finally, we both let go. I went straight for her pussy, she for my cock, and we collapsed to our knees on the matting floor, each rubbing frantically at the other. I cannot remember who came first, but it was not long before we were a sobbing, panting mess on the floor.
After that, we had slower, more romantic and sensible sex, but it would take a lot to equal those few moments of frantic, desperate grabbing and rubbing after the longest and most beautiful foreplay of my life.
As I sit here typing, the tip of my cock is soaked with pre-cum, so I will post this and then re-live this once more...



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