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In the Jacuzzi

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My parents had a friend who owned a huge piece of property. Part of the property had a large swimming pool and jacuzzi. There used to be a lot of parties there.

I was about 13 when this happened. There was a girl named Beth who was about the same age as I was. I knew my parents knew her parents via work, but I don't know much more than that. All the other kids were little at this party, including Beth's younger sister and brothers. Beth was supposed to be in charge, but she didn't want to be.

Time changes your memories. I remember Beth as being HOT. She had a red bikini and looked so mature for her age. I saw a photo of her recently from the same time, and she looks like such a kid. She didn't even have very big breasts. But she had some nice curves developing.

Beth and I played with the other kids until we got sick of them. We decided to hang out in jacuzzi with some of the other adults. But they called for food, and we were left alone. Beth turned the jets back on, and slid under the foam. The jacuzzi wasn't very big, so our legs kept bumping. We laughed a lot, trying not to float to the top. Finally, we locked our legs together and managed to stay down for a while.

Beth was making some weird sounds. She kept looking like she was trying to sneeze. I asked if she was okay, and she kept going, 'No, wait...' Finally, she started to shake and gasp. 'Oh, god, thank you...' she said, and our legs untangled. I asked her what that was about, and she said that the water jets felt really good on her clit and it made her come. I sort of knew what that meant, but I wasn't quite there yet in the lingo department. I knew a clit was something girls had, and it felt good, and I knew what an orgasm was, and I had masturbated, but it didn't quite click that's what she had just done.

'It felt good?' I asked.

'Oh, yah...' she said, nodding. 'Very good.'

'I wish I could do that,' I said.

Beth's feet slid up my legs. 'You can. I can help.' Her toes started to kneed my groin.

'What are you doing?' I asked. I was SOOO stupid then.

She gasped and rolled her eyes. She slid next to me and told me to get as deep into the water as I could. I felt her hand go down my swim trunks, and she started to rub my cock. I thought doing it to myself was cool. But have another girl do it? Damn!

'Oh wow...' I think I said. Real good. She stopped, pulled my trunks down my knees, and started pumping my erect cock.

'Does that feel good? Huh?' she kept asking. 'Faster? Deeper?' I could only agree. I came harder than I had ever come before. I thrust myself into her hand and spurted tons of cum into the jacuzzi. I was spent.

That was about it, really. We never saw each other again after that, and I don't know if my father's job changed that or what.

But Beth, if you're out there... THANK YOU!



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