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In the Hospital, after Surgery

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This is a true story that happened 3 weeks ago.


I had gone to the hospital for emergency surgery. After I was admitted into my room, the nurse came in and told me take off all my clothes and put on the hospital gown. So I stripped nude, put the gown on, got into bed, and waited til it was time to go to the operating room. I finally went to the operating room at 12:30 am. The doctor said I was the last one of the day and assured me I would be done in no time. They knocked me out for the operation, and the next thing I remember was being lifted and being put back into my bed in my room. I was still out of it, so I went back to sleep. This is where it got interesting.

I remember starting to wake around 4:00 am. The only light in the room was coming from the bathroom, which was enough light to see in the room. I looked down and realized that my gown was up around my waist, and I was exposed from the waist down. I figured this was so they could check on the cuts made during the operation. I wondered how long I was like this and if the nurses had come in and seen me.

Thinking about it got me excited, and I began to get hard. So I'm lying down with a hard-on and my dick pointing straight up to the ceiling. I was just about to reach down and grab my dick when someone knocked on my room door. Before I could do anything, the door began to open, so I lay still and pretended I was still asleep. It was the nurse coming in to check my vitals. I have slightly long hair that covers my eyes, so she could not see if I was up or asleep, but I saw the look on her face when she saw my dick.

She was a young nurse, about 22-24 years old. She walked over and tried to act professional. She called my name a few times to see if I was awake, but I just lay there and pretended that I was still out from the operation. She began to take my vitals, first my temperature in my ear, my pulse, and then she lifted my arm to take my blood pressure. All this time, I could see her staring at my dick. While she was waiting for the machine to take my blood pressure, I noticed she had rubbed her left hand between her legs. When the machine stopped, she wrote down the numbers and began to remove the band around my arm.

She said my name again, but I just lay there pretending to be asleep. She moved her machine towards the door and came back next to my bed. She then reached out and touched my dick and then lightly felt my balls. I couldn't believe this was happening. I still remember the look on her face as she was feeling my dick. As she was doing this, I noticed she began rubbing between her legs again through her pants with her left hand.

This went on for a few minutes. Then all of a sudden she stopped and went to the bathroom. She then came back with some toilet paper. She then wrapped her hand around my dick and started to jack me off slowly. I guess she wanted to see me come. As she did this I could see she had stuck her hand in her pants and was playing with herself too. I couldn't take much more of this and began cumming. When she realized I was cumming, she cupped her hand over my dick to keep me from shooting all over the place. After I came, I noticed she started cumming. Her whole body started shaking. When she was done, she took the toilet paper and began to clean me up. She went to the bathroom to wash up and then quietly left the room leaving me in the same way as when she came in. This was the most exciting experience I ever had.

She came back about an hour later, and this time she woke me up when she came in. I still had my gown above my waist with my dick showing, but she just walked over pulled my gown down and threw the covers over me. She took my vitals, made a little samll talk, and acted like nothing happened. Then she walked back out of my room. The shift changed and I never saw her again.



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