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In the Fields

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Just one of those things I had to do, but it became so much more.


The weather was glorious, hot, sunny, just a gentle breeze blowing over the hills off the sea. I had to be out in this lovely summer weather so I drove a short distance from my home and went for a long long walk over farmland. The smell of the wheatfield and the whispering of the wind among the ripening ears of grain made me want to be part of that too, so I left the track and walked through the field. The crop was about up to my chest and I loved the feeling of it as it brushed past me. Sometimes, the whisps of wheat would tickle my legs and now and then, as I walked, some stems would go between my legs and tickle my panties. I hadn't started out thinking about anything sexy, but soon I began to think about how nice it would be to be naked in this field. I squatted down to test the height and if I lay down, no one could see me. I flattened a small area and lay flat on my back looking up at the clear blue sky. It took seconds only to wriggle out of my panties and my dress and suddenly, I was naked in the field. At one with nature. Slowly, my hand caressed my breasts and tummy moving lower and lower each time until I felt the softness of my pussy lips. (I keep myself meticulously waxed) I spread my legs and allowed my fingers to delve into the wetness and soon I was lost in the warmth that only masturbation brings.

I really don't know what made me open my eyes. I certainly had heard nothing, but then I was away with my own erotic thoughts so I probably wasn't paying a lot of attention to the sounds around me. I just had a feeling I was being watched. As soon as I opened my eyes, I found myself looking into the eyes of a girl. I could not place her age. She could have been 13 or 20. She was tall, very slim wearing a t shirt that exposed a perfectly flat tummy and hispter jeans. How long had she been there? I have no idea. She smiled, and I returned the smile. Then her eyes glanced down to my pussy and I carried on stroking. I decided that if she wanted to watch, that was fine with me. I even decided to tease her a little by stroking my clit and my lips and almost, but not quite, sinking a finger inside myself.

I saw her flush each time I almost put a finger in. All the time I stared intently at her pretty face. Soon, I was wondering about her. How old WAS she? Did she masturbate? Was she a virgin? Was she, like me, smooth down there, and if so, was it because she waxes or was it because she was young? For a fleeting second, my eyes left her face and I looked at her breasts. Very small, obviously, but then, so are mine. Now, she must have taken this as a request or suggestion or something, because she knelt into the crop and slipped her t shirt off revealing a lovely little red bra. She reached around and unclipped it and shrugged it off. Her firm pert breasts were magnificent, and, judging by the very faint colouring around her nipple, she was younger rather than older. I carried on teasing but by now I was very wet and aching to have my fingers on my g-spot.

Another glance at her and she had undone her jeans and had her hand in her matching red panties. I had to say something. 'Get naked. We can watch each other.' She smiled and wriggled out of her clothes. Her pussy, like mine was hairless. She knelt up with her knees apart and I beckoned her to move up so she was over my tummy. Now, I could see, and smell her delightful pussy. Myself, I was not far off cumming and I told her that I would not be long now. She said 'Oh yes. Please cum for me. I want to see it on your face.' Her hand moved faster and faster. She leaned back and I saw the moist pink folds and it sent me over. I arched my back until my tummy piercing actually touched her pussy and came hard into my hand. As I was on the way down, I heard her gasp 'Oh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh' and suddenly there was wetness running over my tummy and down my sides.

I looked between her legs and realised that she was peeing as she came. Now, this was a first for me. Not only has no one ever done that before, I would never in a million years have thought it was sexy. Now, however, it was all I could do to stop myself from leaning forward to lick her! Her orgasm subsided and she burst into tears! There were garbled apologies and she desperately wanted to run away. I pulled her to me so I could cuddle her and calmed her down. I learned her name was Lisa, and that she had experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life with me in that field. I lied a little to her and told her that a lot of girls pee when they cum and that I found it really sexy. She told me she had never had any sexual contact with anyone and that I was the first person she had ever masturbated with. I held her as she talked and told her that she had the whole world of sexuality to explore. She asked me about my sex life. Had I done it with boys?(Oh yes.) Had I done it with girls?( Only twice)Did I like doing kinky stuff? I asked what she meant by that and she said that she sometimes thinks about letting boys cum on her and apparently she even has some pretty raunchy fantasies.

It seemed natural that she ended up stretched out on top of me. Breasts to breasts, tummy to tummy, and mound to mound. We talked about fucking and she started to giggle. 'So, you like a guy between your legs fucking you?' (OMG YES!) 'Like this?' (She started to press rythmically) I opened my legs and drew them up like I do when I am getting laid) 'You like him to talk dirty to you?' (FUCK how DID she know? YESSS) Then, she was, well, fucking me. Well not fucking me obviously, but making all tha same moves. AND she was talking dirty. 'I'm going to fuck your pussy. I'm going to do it inside you.' I held her shoulders and said 'You better stop, because if you carry on I will cum again.' Her eyes, (large and brown) seemed to soften into pools in which I could happily have drowned) 'Ohh yes. Please.' I reached down her back, over her ass and began to pull her against me with each thrust. I felt, deep in my belly, the mother of all orgasms buidling. It was terribly frustrating having nothing inside me, but at the same time, this was so erotic. I crossed my legs over her back and decided I would join in the dirty talk. 'Ohhh, fuck me. FUCK ME HARD... Shoot your cum up my cunt... Now.. ohhh now.. NOOOOWWWWWW'

And I came so hard the sky splintered into a million shards of pleasure. I had my thighs almost flat against my chest and her mound was banging me right on my clit. When I came too I heard her giggling. 'Now THATS fair!'. I looked between my legs and realised that I had peed too.

So, Lisa and I lay in each other's arms in that lovely field. I asked her for one favour before we parted. I asked her for her panties. (I had noticed they were already very stained when she took them off.) She asked for mine. Then she asked what I would do. I told her I would take them home and masturbate with them, smelling and licking her off them. In turn, I asked about mine? She said she wanted to wear them and have my scent against her pussy. I told her that was great but that when she had 'finished' with them, I wanted her to pee in them.

We parted and I have never seen her since. I still do not know how old she was. (I think she clearly had something of the world of sex in her head) But the whole encounter was erotic beyond words. I kept her panties for a week in a sealed plastic bag until the last vestige of her scent had faded. Then I wore them one last time and went back to that field. (This time, by moonlight. I walked to where we met. The wheat was still flattened in that area, and, judging where her pussy was when she came on me, I squatted down and peed into her panties. Then, I slipped them off and let them lie in the field.

I hope she did the same with mine.



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