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In the Family

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My aunt Alice, visited my house this afternoon for a social call to see me and my bro, mom, and dad. She's tall and blonde, has glasses and is very slim with nice hips and soft hair, but hasn't much confidence (particularly with men) and dresses in cardigans, big skirts, tights, for a forty year old though, she is quite attractive I guess. On a more personal level, she has small 30a breasts, and has never really had a relationship of any kind.

I'm about 5'8' and have shaven blonde hair. I'm slim and a little bony, yet to grow full stubble but I'm six inches which I am happy with. I've had a few girlfriends but nothing serious, never really gotten at all sexual. I've masturbated on occasion, but not often.

It was about four in the afternoon, and quite a warm sunny day. My brother went out with his friend to town, and my mom and dad had a barbecue with some old friends. My aunt Alice was going to leave, but until then we chatted while she would finish a cup of tea. At first we discussed school and her work, then it moved on to tv programs, food, and general chit chat.

She finished her tea, but we were discussing clothing. She'd bought a new dress, dark blue with flowers, that went to her ankles. I said to her, 'Alice I've got nothing else to do, why don't you try it on, I'll tell you how it looks!'. She agreed so went upstairs to our bathroom to change. She came down in the dress, and she did look quite pretty. I told her so and she blushed, but then gave me a twirl and smiled proudly, as if she felt she actually looked really gorgeous now! She went back upstairs and changed into her original clothing, then rejoined me on the sofa. She asked how she looked, and I said 'You looked very pretty, I like it' and she grinned again. 'I'm not so sure about the cardigan you have now though... Oh, you've spilt tea on it! I said, noticing a big brown stain. She took it off, and I told her we could wash it for her. It had soaked through to her blouse, which was tucked into a long pink skirt - she was quite clearly frustrated. I told her to take that off and that we'd try and wash that too.

Alice sat there a little embarassed in her skirt and with only a bra on her upper body. Her small breasts looked attractive, and I must confess, they were arousing. I suggested she wear her new dress, but she told me she'd get it creased on the way home which wasn't good; she'd let her clothing dry, put it back on, then go home. I was happy - company for a couple of hours.

I lit our gas fire so it could dry quicker, and the room was soon very stuffy - we were both sweating. I took off my shirt, and she laughed and said that I had a nice chest. I giggled and said 'Ha ha, so do you Aunty!' and she blushed. 'So you like my breasts, do you?' she asked in a slightly more serious tone. 'Alice, that's the most I've ever seen, and I really really like the bra!'. She blushed again, and said 'Well would you like to see them?'. I was shocked, but she seemed genuine, so I gasped 'Well, yeah, I guess, ok!' and blushed myself. 'It's got to be fair though, I want you to do something for me.' she enquired. She wanted me to undress to my underwear, as she'd never seen a guy like that before. I pulled off my socks and jeans, and sat back down in just my boxers, white and with a slight tent where my penis was slightly hard. Alice slid her skirt off, and sat opposite me in bra and panties quite blatantly staring at my crotch.

I asked her calmly if she'd seen a penis before, she said she hadn't. I confessed I'd never seen breasts or a vagina before. She blushed and said I couldn't as she was an aunt and it wouldn't be right. I understood, and we sat there silently for five minutes or so, in the warmth of the fire.

My penis was now fully erect, for some reason, so I asked her if she wanted to touch it. Her eyes widened and she again stared, but made no attempt to hide it. She lent forwards and shuffled right next to me - her cold hip touched my cool thigh, and my penis throbbed slightly. 'Just... slip your hand in' I said. Her cool hands slid into my waistband and I gasped as she softly probed my penis and testes. I reached for her bra and slid a hand towards the top - 'Do you... you know...' I tried asking if it was okay, she gasped and nodded, closing her eyes. I cupped her breasts through the material of her bra - although small, they felt so tender and comfortable. I found the clip at the back and unfastened it; her bra snapped loose. I suggested 'Let's make it... easier' and stood up, and took my boxers clean off. She slid her bra off her arms, and went to sit down. I giggled and grabbed her underwear and she tried to stop me, but I shook my head and she blushed, saying 'I guess you're right' and smiled.

I slouched back on the sofa, and she sat facing me on my thighs, legs spread a little. I shuffled, urged her to move closer. She grasped my penis and ran her hands up it's length. She clutched my foreskin and began to pull up, down... I told her it felt amazing, to keep at it. I caressed her naked breasts, sucked her hard pink nipples... she began to moan with delight. Soon, she was wriggling with happiness. I tensed up and shut my eyes - I came over my belly, and her hands. She stared at my semen and smiled a little shocked. I asked if she'd ever had an orgasm, she told me no. I told her to kneel in front of me, her belly pressing into my forehead. I'd heard of 'fingering' so I gently played with her vagina lips. I probed and probed, and she was squealing. I went at it, and caressed her tight buttocks with my hands - very soon she was convulsing and oozing her wetness onto my hand. She came, and came again soon after. I stopped and she collapsed on the sofa, smiling.

She woke up half an hour later, her clothing dry. She changed and with a parting kiss, returned home...



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