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In the Dressing Room

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I was born a generation too early, so now I'm too old to enjoy the younger generation's blatant openness to sex and masturbation... Darn!


I have been masturbating probably since I was about 9 years old. Some slightly older friends and an uncle that's only a couple of years older than me got me started.

In any case, when I was 16/17 years old, I was working a part-time job after school. Since I was earning my own money, I began buying some of my own clothes.

I went to a national discount department store at the time to simply buy jeans. After wandering through the Men's department for a while, I had chosen a couple pairs of Levis. Since my Mom had always bought my clothes before, I wasn't really sure of my size, so I took my selections, in a couple of different sizes and went into the dressing room.

So far there wasn't anything unusual. So I slip off my shoes and start to unbuckle and unzip my pants. I drop my pants and, standing in my tighty whiteys, feel a bit of a stir. I put on the first pair to try on, pulled them up, zipped and buttoned them. Looked at myself in the mirror. Adjusted my 'package' and noticed it was a bit bigger than normal.. for some reason I was becoming aroused. I don't know if it was just from being half naked in public or the sound of other people outside or just what.

I take off the first pair, now sporting a pretty good hardon... and try on the second... much more difficult to get on this time. Once zipped, I adjusted a lot more than I really needed to now... rubbing my hard cock through the new jeans.

After I was finished trying on all of the jeans I had, with my hard dick pressing up under the waistband of my underwear, I looked up and around me (the dressing rooms were not closed at the top) to make sure no one was obviously looking and slipped my underwear off. Since the doors didn't go all the way to the floor, I had to be careful not to let my shorts drop all of the way.

I grapped hold of my now 'hard as steel' cock and slowly started to stroke it. Mind you this is all over the course of probably less than ten minutes, but if felt like much longer.

I continued to stroke... faster and faster... the excitement of other people around me... of being caught. It didn't really take long. Since I had been jerking off for many years already, I knew what was coming... so to speak. So I moved closer to a corner near a side wall, and just in time. I let loose and pumped thin rope after rope of hot boy cum into the corner of the dressing room. It had to be one of the hardest cums I had had to that point in my life. I just stood there... knees shaking... slowly stroking my wilting dick. The dressing room suddenly smelled of my hot cum.

After a few minutes I was able to compose myself, get dressed, pick the two pair of jeans I wanted, and left the dressing room... my cum still dripping down the wall.

Ever since then, I get a bit of a rise when I pass by dressing rooms... just wondering what really might be going on inside...

Keep jacking and jillin...



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