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In the Dorms in the 70's

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My sophomore year, there was a guy on my dorm floor named John. John was a good looking guy and he knew it. He liked to go around shirtless showing off his toned swimmer torso, walking to and from the shower with his towel over his shoulder and his dick swinging as he sauntered down the hall. I had a lot of jerkoffs thinking about him and what I would do to his body.

There was a dorky kid in the room next door, who happened to have a horse dick on him. I overheard John tell the dork that he bet his dick was bigger than his, and the dork laughed. I heard the door close, so I scrambled over to try and open the door, and it was locked. I got rock hard thinking they were in there comparing hardons, and maybe jerking off together, and went back to my room, locked the door, and rubbed one out.

One Friday afternoon, John came into my room and sprawled out on my roommate's bed. He was wearing just a pair of tight cutoff white shorts, which showed a nice bulge. He was sighing and moaning about how horny he was, and how he needed to get laid. He was rubbing his hand down his chest, playing with his nipples absently as he talked staring at the ceiling. I grabbed a box of tissues above my bed, tossed them onto his chest, and suggested he take the problem in hand, and laughed. He looked over at me, and quite seriously said 'you want to?' I was very nervous at that point, and stammered out something I don't remember. John was rubbing his crotch, and asked me when Paul (my roommate) was coming back. I knew he was playing softball, and would be gone until dinner time, and told John that.

He stood up, went to the door and locked it. Then he turned toward me. Unbuttoned his shorts, pulled his zipper down, pulled out his dick and started walking toward me. By the time he got to my bed, he was completely hard, and I looked in awe at him. He truly was a grower. His plump soft 3' to 4' dick was now a full good 8'. He dropped his shorts to the floor, and sat down next to me. I stood up and dropped my jeans and underwear, showing my less impressive 6' to him, and sat down. John was slowly jerking his dick, and staring at mine. I wasn't touching myself, just staring at him. He reached over and took my dick in his hand and slowly pumped me. Then he took my hand and guided it on to his dick, and I placed my hand around his shaft and marveled at the heat and softness of it as I slowly fisted him.

He moved off my dick, and pushed my t-shirt up with his hand, and told me to take off my shirt. As I did, he rubbed my stomach gently, and up my chest to my nipples, which got instantly hard. I did the same to his body, and I was so excited I felt I was gonna cum just from the great feeling I was getting from him toying and pulling on my nipples. He told me my nipples were very hot... big, puffy and perfect. I had always been self conscious about the size of my nipples, and the slight gynecomastia I had, but they felt wonderful under his touch. He leaned over and licked my nipple, which caused me to shudder. Then he started sucking and biting one, then the other. I thought I was gonna faint. He pulled back and told me they were just like his high school girlfriends, and I just pushed his head back down and enjoyed the pleasure. He leaned back whispered your turn, and I licked his much smaller, but very erect nipples, and he sighed. He started to jerk me off again, and I reached for his monster and started pumping. The head of his dick was covered in precum, and I slid it around with my index finger, and went back to sucking his nipple and pumping him. He started to gasp, let go of my dick, and muttered he was gonna cum. I pulled off his nipple just as he arched his back, thrust his hips off the bed, and spurted his cum onto his chest. As I watched his dick twitch, and leak the next spurt, I orgasmed too.

We each slumped back panting with cum on us. I grabbed the tissues, wiped myself up, and throw him the box. It was so hot watching him wipe the cum off his chest, as dick softened. He smiled at me, pulled his shorts back on, threw is tissues in the basket, said 'that was hot!' and left. I relocked the door, grabbed his cum filled tissues out of the basket, and jerked off again, this time eating the cum out of the tissues.

We hooked up four more times that semester, each time just as hot. Unfortunately he didn't come back to school, but 35 years later, I still jerk off thinking about messing with John.



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