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In the Choir

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This happened when I was in a church choir. The other boy involved, we will call 'Allan'.


Allan had a voice to die for. Clear, pure and wonderful. I must admit, I was insanely jealous of the way he could sing, and that voice. At least, I thought I was jealous. Actually, I was developing a crush on him.

Now, when this happened, I'm afraid homophobia was rife. It was considered terrible to be 'queer'. My father made it quite clear that if I ever showed any kind if inclination in that direction he would kick the living shit out of me, not that he ever needed an excuse, he did that a lot anyway.

So, one evening after choir practice, Allan and I were putting books away in the vestry and had gone up to the first floor of the tower where there was a room that acted as a music store. There was also a staircase leading higher, but no one ever went up there. Well, we decided to.

The stairs were covered in dust, clearly no-one had been up here for many years. There was one room that was locked, but another, south-facing with a small circular window that was not. In it was a small armchair, a little rug a table and it almost looked like someone, decades ago had made themselves a little bolt-hole.

We explored the room a bit, making small talk, and Allen said, 'I wonder if anyone has, you know, done it up here?' We started horsing around, and then the most wonderful thing happened. Allan pulled me towards him and just kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him and returned the kiss while he fumbled with my trousers.

It seemed like in no time we were naked together, with the sun streaming into that dusty little room. I had his cock in my hand and was wanking him while he lay back in the chair, and I knelt beside him. I was fascinated by how it grew, and how it changed colour as his orgasm approached. Then, he spurted, all over my face and chest. I had wanked myself a few times, but doing someone else was amazing.

Then he told me to lie in the chair and returned the favour. It had been a very long time since I had had a wank, and my cumshot was far more in quantity than Allans.

Afterwards, we lay together on the chair, kissing.

It was the start of a great deal of exploration, and not just with Allan. I learned that other boys in the choir were up for it too.

As I grew older, it seemed that there were lots of boys and later, men, who were up for it too.

And I wonder.....today, we think nothing of young girls experimenting and/or being fully bi-sexual. I wonder if, in fact, most men have had some kind of experience too? The only difference, it seems to me is that we don't talk about it.

Certainly not when I was a boy-it would have been costly in terms of bullying and physical pain. But I loved that time with Allan-for about a year or so, when we were alone together, we acted just like boyfriend/girlfriend, with either of us taking the feminine role. We never discussed or planned it, it just seemed to happen.

By the time we were 16, sometimes we would wear female underwear, strange thing is, we never BOTH turned up in it at the same time. We seemed to know. Allan and I would both sneak our sister's knickers either from the drawer, or from the laundry. Allan sometimes sneaked a bra too. We would pretend to 'fuck' each other, but never with penetration, it was more a complicated wank, if that makes any sense.

Today, I still masturbate thinking about Allan, his beautiful voice and smooth skin. I loved the feeling of his cock, and I loved his sperm too.

Allan and I have long gone our separate ways. We are both happily married with children of our own.

I wonder if anyone else has found that little room.



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