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In the Car in the Snow

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The UK is covered in snow and the little country village where I live is practically cut off. I tried to go to work, but...


..almost as soon as I got in my car and closed the door I knew I was in another world. All the windows were covered with snow and, although I could hear people walking by on the pavement, crunching through the snow and sometimes slipping and bumping up against my car, I knew I was quite alone. As soon as I turned the key, I knew I was going nowhere today. The bloody car would not start. (Again!) So I sat for a moment in my little ice world. So near to the world yet so far from it. And right out of nowhere, an idea popped into my head. Wouldn't it be the most daring thing to do to masturbate. Here and now.

I slipped my hand up my skirt and into my tights and knickers and was rewarded almost instantly by the familiar tingle in my clit and a flood of wetness. I tilted my driver's seat back just a little and carried on, looking from time to time at the windows and listening to the sounds from outside. Something made me want to do more, to be braver, so I slipped my tights down to my knees and with them, my knickers. I lifted my long woollen skirt up onto my tummy and lay there exposed. I put my left leg up onto the dash and carried on rubbing. I was SOOoo wet! Still I wanted more, so the next thing was to lift my top and bra off and I felt the cold bite my nipples.

I pinched them hard before returning my attention to my cunt. (How I love that word when I am feeling horny. Not pussy, not vagina. Cunt is the word.) I fingered myself and it wasn't long before my little car was full of the scent of my sex. With a finger inside from my left hand and my right busy on my clit I felt my orgasm start to build. I held it off for as long as I could before, with a huge sigh, giving in to it. It coursed through me making me release a couple of squirts, one of which hit my knickers and tights. Oh it was so lovely, that orgasm. It rolled on in wave after ecstatic wave. I felt so wanton lying there, separated from passers by only by a relatively thin veneer of snow. In the afterglow I just lay there, still with a finger inside me pressing gently against my g-spot loving the slutiness of it. Then, glancing in the rear view mirror, I noticed the snow had fallen from the top right hand corner of the rear windscreen. It was possible, just possible, that I could have been seen. The mere thought sent me off again and I brought myself to another orgasm there and then, but this time, I made much more noise as I came and deliberately shouted obscenties.

I think I have found myself a whole new hobby! Masturbation outdoors, AND being seen at the same time. I must try more of that, but I may wait until the weather gets warmer.

After that? Well, as I said, I had squirted a little but I pulled my tights and knickers up and got out, then locked my car. (I wanted the scent of my sexual arousal to be in there.) Then I walked to the local shops. I could feel the wetness in my knickers and it felt really horny. I crunched my way back up the lane where I live in the new snow. (There is nothing quite like that sound, is there?) All the time I felt the wetness on my cunt and thighs and knew I wanted more of it. The back garden to my house is very long, well over 200 feet and the little gate from the lane leads me through a tunnel of hedge and then into my garden which cannot be overseen.

For a few moments, I stood in the world of whiteness feeling the wetness and feeling terribly daring too. That's when I did it. I squatted down and lifted my skirt high out of the way and peed into my knickers and tights. I have never done anything so erotic in my life before, although I have read about it. (Here!) It feels like nothing on earth. So warm, so wet, so erotic. Almost instantly cold, but then it makes you want to do more. I peed really slowly so I could keep the feeling going. Then, when I was done, I ran into the house and stood in my shower in only my knickers and tights. I masturbated furiously. I have no idea why, today of all days, I was so horny, nor why I wanted to be far more daring than ever before. I would have let ANYONE who asked to fuck me senseless. Still, as I live here with only my dad, I have to make do with my own fingers.



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