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In the Car

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Firstly, I'd like to say I love this site and have be going to it since about a year and a half ago. Great site!
Ok, well this all happened after a dance I went to with this girl. It was fun for the most part. Well after the dance ended my friends and I were sitting on a bench outside. Well it was pretty cold and the bench pretty small. So my friends sat down. Three sat down, and two girls sat on top of two guys. My date sat on me and I began to think, 'I'm going to get so hard right now...hope she doesn't mind.' Well I did, but she didn't notice, or at least I think she didn't. Soon enough my ride came and everyone hopped in the car to get driven home. I sat in the very back (car seated liked 8 or 9) with this other girl who wasn't my date. So I was still mildly hard and was thinking about masturbating the minute I got home. Then out of nowhere the girl next to me, lets call her P, P grabs my hand and pulls my arm toward her (of course trying to not let my date find out) and begins to bring my hand closer to her boobs. Soon enough I was feeling her breasts outside of her dress she had worn to the dance. Wow she was horny, and me just being the same way, I went with it.
So after a little while of letting me feel her, she puts my hand in her lap...being very nervous, I try to pull away but she wont let me. So I think to myself, 'what the heck!' So then her dress is up around her waist (she was careful to do this without makes any noise to draw attention to herself and me.) And I could feel her thong. Now I couldn't see 'cause it was dark, but I think it was a thong. I was too anxious to finger her that I didn't really care.
So slowly, cautiously, and bravely, I put my hand into the side of her thong. I could feel her pubes and I knew she was only partly shaved... That was such a turn-on. I got increasingly hard by the second. I was feeling her slit and she brings her hand and puts one finger of mine into her pussy. God it was so warm and slick, first pussy I ever felt and it was GOOD! I begin to finger her gently so that I don't make any noise or anything to draw attention to myself. I keep fingering her for about 15 minutes until my hand gets really wet and I knew she came. She took my hand out of her thong and licked some of her juices right off. At this point I was so hard I could scream. She reached over to my crouch to return the favor when the car stopped and I was home...'DAMN!' I thought to myself as I tried to scramble and get out of the car with my raging hard-on.
After I got inside I immediately started jerking off and had my most intense orgasm ever!



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