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In the Bathroom at a Dance

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I'm not sure about which category to put this one in.


Ok, let's get the background info out of the way. I'm a 5'6' blonde, tan, with good size boobs, and people tell me I have a really nice ass. My boyfriend, Dylan, is a 5'9' dirty blonde with beautiful blue eyes. I get lost in them everytime I look in them. But he is the star running back on the football team, plays point guard in basketball, and plays on county Lacrosse team. So he's VERY in shape, and he works out constantly. He has a tight six-pack, and a body that would make any girl melt. We've been dating for about a year now. Ok, here's the begining of the story...

A few weeks ago, we had our Valentine's Day dance, and I wore a white sweater (that Dylan got me) and got there early. So I was standing around with all my friends just talking. When all of a sudden, I look over at the entrance and there he is. Ok girls, imagine seeing your dream guy, showing up with a handfull of flowers, a white sweater that hugged him and showed off his body, and the pants that looked ohhhh so sexy on him. INSTANT wetness. I got horny just looking at him. So he walks in and some of my friends go over and start talking to him. Then, after a few minutes he sees me and I wave to him. He walks over to me and hands me the flowers and then wraps his arms around me. He looks at me, and I gently kiss him. So after our greeting, we hear a slow song come on, so I ask a teacher to put my flowers in some water so I can dance. I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck, and then I feel his strong loving hands on my waist. Oh my gosh. I have never felt that horny EVER. He can evidently tell that I'm horny, because he leans over and whispers in my ear 'I can see your in a good mood.' I say, 'Hell yea I am!' Then an idea slowly creeps into my head. I lean over and slowly whisper in his ear 'Remember the hatch that goes into the girls locker room? Lets go....NOW!' Before he could say anything I was jerking him towards the door. He was complaining or resisting, because he knew what was about to happen.

We get outside, and open the hatch. He goes down first, and then drops in. 'The coast is clear' I hear him say. I slowly start to slide down. I get a little way down and feel him put his hands on my waist again. Gosh I can't hold out much longer. As soon as I'm down, I start to passionately make out with him. His hands all over my back and my ass. My hands around running up and down his chest and end up behind his head. We stop kissing, and he looks at me and I start to slowly undo his pants, staring into those beautiful blue eyes. After they're undone. I start to slowly put my hands down in them. Then, both of our hearts stop. We hear someone else moaning, and then another person grunting. Dylan looks at me and buttons his pants. He stands up and rounds the corner, and then starts to die out laughing. I stand up and walk over behind him, and see my best friend Katie and her boyfriend Tommy. His dick is out in her hand and she's bent over him. I start laughing too. That was one of those picture perfect moments. Just the expression on both of their faces. But anyway, Tommy looks at Dylan and asks why his pants are undone. Dylan looks at him and says, 'The same reason yours are.' and winks at him. Then Katie looks at me and we both just die laughing again. We had been planning this since last Christmas. We were gonna put on a show for them, if they put on a show for us. So we told them about it, and they were hesitant at first, but then gave in. So all they had to do was jack each other off, and then me and Katie would go at it. They said ok.

Here's the info about Katie and Tommy. Katie is about 5'9' maybe six foot, she's the center on our basketball team, and is AWESOME at soccer. She has long brown hair with highlights, long legs, and a nice body (from what everyone else says). Tommy is the wide receiver for our football team, and a forward on the basketball team. He's about the same height as Dylan, but he's not as built. He's about the same tan, but not quite. He's still hott in my book.

But ok, Tommy and Dylan pull out their dicks and they start to jack each other off, and this is just making me and Katie even more hot, and even more wet. So before the guys were even finished, me and Katie were making out, and rubbing each other through our pants. Tommy and Dylan see us, and they both blow their loads on the floor. Me and Katie didn't even notice. We just kept going. I reach down and undo Katie's pants and just strip them off of her to reveal a nice wet spot in the front of her thong. She lunges at me, knocking me over, and undoes my pants and then strips them off me. She pulls them down revealing the wet spot in the front of my red thong. (She was wearing a blue one) We start to rub each other, and then I feel Katie's hand slip in the front of my thong. I can feel her rubbing me, and then I feel her push a finger into me. Oh what a sensation. I masterbate, but I've never had another person's finger in me. So I find my way down to her thong and pull it off. I don't even waste time rubbing her slit, I just stick my fingers right in her. So here we are, two girls fingering the crap out of each other, and then guys slowly stroking their cocks. After about ten minutes of me and Katie fingering each other, we both erupt into orgasms. My whole body is quivering and shaking, and Katie has her head lying between my boobs.

The next thing I know, Tommy is pulling Katie off me, and I see Dylan coming over to me. He lays down beside me and starts to rub my stomach, and kiss me. I roll over onto my side and start to make out with him. I start to rub his dick, ohhhhh it's soo hard. I can feel him rubbing me up and down, up and down, on my slit. I start to moan again. He's fingering me HARD. After about ten minutes, he erupts again, but this time on my boobs. Now he can concentrate on me. So I roll over onto my back and spread my legs. He starts to finger me good. He did a REALLY good job, because after about five minutes, he had my g-spot and was using it to his advantage. I heard Katie let out a loud and long moan and this sends me over the edge. I lay there, with my boyfriends fingers still in me, having THE greatest orgasm I have yet to achieve.

Now we have done more stuff since then, all four of us. But me and Dylan have had more experiences. Maybe I'll post them later!



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