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In the Bathroom

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I recently wrote to describe an early morning I had with my boyfriend. Since we live very far apart and probably will not ever be able to live together, the times we have shared have meant a lot to me, and I relive them in my mind almost every time I feel lonely, and most of the time when I am masturbating (although, this site has given me some nice stimulation too!)
One time I had finished showering, and I left the shower to him while I was in the bedroom getting dressed before we were to go out. The room was very steamed up, so he kept the door open while he showered. We like to shower together, and especially make out in the shower, but for some reason, we did it separately this time. Rather than get dressed, I sat on the edge of the bed and watched while he was soaping up. He was absolutely gorgeous, and I liked just seeing him move under the water. It was like watching a dance. Then, he stepped out, pulled on his robe and started to shave. I was really enjoying this too, as it is fun to watch the ways he moves his face in order to get a close shave. Once in a while, he would glance at me, I was only in my underwear. He would ask me why I was watching and I told him that I was enjoying it and to act as if I weren't watching him. He is usually completely comfortable, but was beginning to get self-conscious. I don't know if it was because he noticed that I was still only in my underwear and he was starting to get a hard on, or if it was something else. I could see his cock rise from under the robe which he hadn't closed, and I started to feel desire for him. I was also wet by this time.
I walked up to him, he looked at me, I stuck my hand under my panty and touched my pussy. I then pulled my hand out and put it under his nose. He took my hand and sucked my sticky fingers and pushed me between himself and the washbasin. We kissed that way for a few minutes, and by that time, the robe, the panties and the bra were lying on the floor. 'How do you want it, baby?' he whispered directly into my ear, and I replied, 'I want it how you want it'. Knowing him, that could be any old way, since he is the kind who has no favourite position, and goes very much by his instincts. The other good thing about how he fucks is that he's never stuck in a rut. During sex we change all the time, and how it starts isn't always how it continues. He taught me to appreciate the instinctual side of it, the element of surprise and of passion that only he seems to have been able to show me, because he's very curious and we are very open with each other, not only in bed, but always. (Damn! I miss him!)
So, he rotated me, rubbed my clit from around my hips and delicately slid his cock into my pussy from behind. I watched his face in the mirror while he did this, and it was absolutely gorgeous. He had a look like he was 'in control' and I sort of enjoyed that feeling I got from feeling like he was doing what he really wanted, and all I had to do was enjoy all of the sensations. At times our eyes would meet in the mirror, and that would send a charge to my pussy, and I would really buck back hard. Then, the rhythm would change, and it would be slow and very erotic, he would practically slide out, then slowly creep back in. By this time, he stopped rubbing my clit and was holding me by the hips, totally controlling my body, and the movements we made into one another. We carried on like that for a while, and I saw that he was getting much faster and rythmic, and that pretty soon he would want to cum. I would have liked to have gone on and on, but when I saw that he was really in the heat of it, I just followed his rhythm and let him caress me wildly while he came. He nearly slid down to his knees, he was so worn out, but I still hadn't cum, so I dragged him to the bed, laid him down and told him to jack my pussy until I came. We don't speak English, but the equivalent of his reply was, 'Tell me what you need, tell me how much'. He wanted me to be very verbal, which is what I taught him to like, aside from keeping our eyes open, which he never did before, but now can't do without. So I told him how much I wanted to cum, how I needed his hands on me, jacking the shit out of me. I came hard and wet all over his hands and he tried to get me to lick it off, which I don't get too much into, but for him, I did, watching his face fill with even more desire as I licked and sucked his hands. I could feel his cock harden against my ass and knew that he wouldn't mind fucking again, which is exactly what we did!



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