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In the Bath

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Resourcefulness in the bath.


I started masturbating when I was young, and I learnt from being taught.

I rarely use the bath, most of the time I use the shower to wash in the morning before college. The only time I run myself one is when I have some reading to do for a class coming up and the house is full, the bathroom being the only place I can catch some peace and quiet, and get a bit of privacy.

Usually, the process is quite short, literally getting in and out to read the chapters I need in the evening, tonight wasn't much different.. at first at least.

I ran myself a hot bath and got in slowly, I love the feeling of the more than warm water lapping around my thighs and balls, eventually reaching my cock. It always arouses me seeing my junk floating about in the water as I lie down, mostly I just wait until I get out to do anything about it.

I used a wrapped up towel to support my head against the rim of the bath while I reclined and started reading the chapters of the book for class tomorrow. I noticed pretty quickly that my dick was getting hard, the head just poking out of the surface as it grew (I'm about 6.5').

I concentrated on the book, trying to get to the end of the chapter as fast as possible with the growing urge below starting to distract me.

It didn't take long for me to get overcome, and with one hand still holding the book, I slipped my hand under the water. I drew my fingers around my thighs making my cock twitch, then finally reaching my balls. My sack was hanging really low thanks to the heat of the water and I continued to read whilst I massaged each ball separately between my fingers. I was completely stiff by now, standing like a flag pole out of the water with ripples pulsating out from around the shaft.

It didn't take long before I'd finished the chapter I needed (to be honest, I rushed a bit) and had started really working my balls in my hand.

The towel behind my head had gotten wet from where my head had sunk a bit with the pleasure below, and as I raised my head from the side it fell into the water, getting soaked. I don't always get that much pleasure from being underwater so I decided to experiment a bit.

Realising how heavy the towel was from the water, I moved it over my legs and up over my crotch, leaving a slightly pushed down bulge where my dick was pointing up. It felt amazing.

I shuddered with the pressure the wet towel was putting over my shaft and started to stroke through the towel. The feeling of warm, wet linen on me all over my crotch felt brilliant, and it wasn't long before I was edging.

To bring myself away from the brink I took the towel off, but keeping the mounting pleasure there, I dragged it from my thighs over my balls, then shaft, then head, and up over the top until I was completely covered again. That feeling of the soggy towel caressing my cock was one of the best feelings I've ever had. I bought my hands under the towel, leaving it still putting pressure on the head, and grasped my ridiculously hard shaft and started stroking with one hand and massaging my balls gently with the other, all underwater.

The way I was being stimulated in three different ways was incredible, two hands and the pressure and warmth from the towel, not to mention the water lapping at my cheeks made for intense pressure.

I couldn't hold it much longer, and had my family not been in I would have screamed in pleasure as I pumped harder on my dick bringing myself to the point of no return.

I shuddered and arched my back as my thighs tensed and finally, pulling off the towel quickly, I spurted line after line of thick white cum into the water, leaving long lines of my act floating around me. I stood up, avoiding the clouds, and with a hanging, spent dick and still swinging balls, I got out and dried myself with a new towel. I was so tender down there as I wiped off the water.

This was the best bath I've ever had and I recommend this new found technique to anyone.



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