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In the Barracks on the Top Bunk

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From a long-time edger.


My Navy school bunk was the last in the row next to the wall and looked out on the study area where all my buddies were hanging out doing their thing. I was in my skivvies, sitting on the top bunk with my back against the wall facing all these guys. My knees were up and spread slightly, feet close to my buttocks and I had a magazine propped up on my stomach and thighs.

For some reason or other, maybe just because I was young, my penis began to harden to the point where I could no longer ignore it. The bottom of the magazine was now resting on the base of my swelling cock and I had a choice to make, let my erection go down and hotfoot it to the head for pleasure, or do it right there in front of everybody.

I decided on the latter and started sliding my cock slowly side to side against the skin of my stomach, the sensitive underside of my cock in contact with the fabric of my shorts. The magazine hid the action from the crowd in front of me.

The pleasure was indescribeable. I had to fight the powerful urge to speed up and get the job done and move slowly or I'd be noticed. The pleasure slowly built, bit by bit until I had to force my now very hard cock down against my stomach to maintain the silky, soft friction as I slid it back and forth, building relentlessly toward orgasm.

I can't begin to tell you how good it felt to be on the verge of total pleasure and about to come when I happened to look out on the room and saw one of the guys looking in my direction.

Did he realize what I was doing? I decided no when he turned back to his study guide. So I began stimulating my anxious member against my stomach again until, I was almost there and I stopped, edged, my penis involuntarily contracting without coming. I saw the magazine moving up and down slightly with each jerk. The pleasure was now so agonizing that I didn't care if anyone noticed and it came to me to play a little game with my weeping cock.

I slowly built back up to the very edge, released my cock, and began counting the heartbeats that I could feel pounding in my chest. When I reached 50 heartbeats, I began sliding my slippery cockhead back and forth against my stomach counting each stroke until I was on the edge again. 24 strokes. 50 more heartbeats, only 15 strokes to the edge; 50 heartbeats, 9 strokes; 50 heartbeats, 4 strokes. Each time, it felt like I was going to explode at the edge, the magazine jumping up and down as I released my penis to count heartbeats.

When I got to the point where the stroke count no longer decreased it was time to let go. Fifty more heartbeats (yes, I love agonized pleasure) and my hard, hard cock was ready. Sliding to and fro in slippery pre-come, over the edge and sliding back and forth while I CAME. Oh did I come, and come. Glorious, exhilarating, wet, jerking orgasm, the magazine bouncing up and down, up and down until all contractions stopped and I was spent.

I looked out again into the room, I didn't think anyone had noticed my pleasureable interlude until I spotted another guy with his back to the wall, knees propped up reading a magazine.

I think I'll do it again real soon.



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