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In the Barracks

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This happened while I was in the Swedish army a year ago. Fake names.

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I'm John, 185cm tall, I'm fit, but thin, blonde hair and I got hair on my chest. My cock is uncut, 18.5 cm long, and 15 cm thick. I lived in a room in the barracks in the swedish army with 5 other guys, -Henke 180cm, jock, -Jack, 165cm, skinny, quite hairy -Andre, 170cm, skinny but trained, -Dean, 170, chubby, and -Chris, 185cm, jock.

It was 13.00, We had just been out on a small training recon mission for 3 days, with almost no sleep, so when we got back we were very tired. We hit the showers with the exception of Dean who went straight to bed and passed out in full gear. It was great to take a hot shower and some sauna after three days in the wilderness.

We were the only ones who had been out on mission this time so we had the showers for ourselves, we went in, the showers are just a big open room with about 20 shower heads on each side. I loved to shower there, I got to see great bodies and some great uncut cocks too. Especially Henke and Chris, big floppy cocks who seemed to be semi hard all the time, but I think they are just naturally big. But this time, it seemed as Andre was quite big too, being in the army you don't find too much time to jerk off, so I figured he was just horny and way over due cum-wize.

We chatted about the trip for a while, just standing in the showers letting the warm water soothe our dirty naked bodies. We got to talk about how great it would be to go on leave next week. While we were talking, we got soaped up and Henke and Chris started talking about their girlfriends back home, and Henke used a long time soaping his cock up. This got me a bit horny, growing a semi, but I controlled it not to get any further up. Andre wasn't quite as lucky, I saw how he rapidly grew a hard on, finishing up really fast, without cleaning himself properly. Jack also noticed this, and looked over at me with a laugh on his face, not making any sounds.

As Henke and Chris clearly were enjoying themself with their soap, not getting hard though. Me and Jack finished up, getting into the sauna. We sat down on our towels and just chatted about this and that. I really enjoyed looking at Jack as the sweat dripped down his body and some dripped off his cock.

After about 15 minutes in the sauna, we got out realizing we had been stupid to shower first, just to get sweaty in the sauna, but we were too tired to shower more, so we just went to bed. Henke and Chris had also left the showers.

Getting back to our room, we saw everyone passed out in their beds, Dean still in his gear. We decided to help dean out, and woke him up so he was at least half-awake, bt clearly out of it. we got off his gear and I was about to pull off his pants when the boxers got off along with them, he showed a raging hard cock, maybe 16cm long and really thick, he didn't notice, and just rolled over and we put the covers on him.

This is when the action begins, Jack say to me 'did u see that thing??, he's got a really big cock!' and I answered 'I guess he is about average maybe'. This really put Jack off, and he said 'what?? the thing was huge, is that average?', I just said that I wouldn't know, I just read about the average somewhere and I knew I was above it, 'so when I saw him, I saw that he is a little shorter than me'. Jack's eyes got really big, but we didn't speak more of it, just went to sleep.

About 03.00 I woke up, having to pee like a horse, so I got up not noticing I was at full mast, tenting my boxers. As I went down to the bathroom, I met the CO(Commanding Officer) in the hallway, and he stopped me and put me at attention. He saw my hard-on and he started yelling at me, speaking of my hard-on. I'm sure the whole building woke up from it. Finally I got to go pee, and in the bathroom, there was Jack, but he wasn't leaving, even if he was finished in the bathroom. I asked him what he was still doing there, and he said he was waiting until the CO would leave. 'why?' I asked, and he just looked down to his boxers, and I saw a hard-on on him too! I also saw that Jack wasn't very big down there, but did not mention it to him. I finished up, and we left to get back in the room together.

On the way we heard the showers were on, and went to check out who was showering this late. We were stunned to see Andre was there, full of soap, jerking off! he was a little below average in size, maybe 14cm but a really beautiful cock! we left quickly, and hoped he did not see us, as he was very busy doing his thing.

Back in our room, I found myself wide awake after the CO's yelling at me and the sight of Andre, I also heard Jack (sleeping in the top bunk in my bed) moving around alot. 'you cant sleep either?' I asked. 'no I guess not' he said. So we started talking quietly about stuff. Then Andre came back, and went straight to bed, he fell asleep really fast, and he snored like a beast. we kept chatting, and then we got on the subject of sex and jerking off. Then he said 'I've been wondering, if you dont think Dean has a big cock, and he is average, what size is average?' I told him that I read it was about 15-16cm, but I confessed that I think he was really thick. Then he asked 'so how big is yours then?'. I answered 'about 18,5cm'. -'wow dude! thats really big! I dont believe you!' so I of course offered to prove it to him. I was hard already, as I hadn't jerked off in over two weeks!

Jack was mesmerized, he came from a very strict religious family and said he never saw a porn in his life, I didn't believe him until now. I lay there proudly showing off my trimmed cock to my army brother, stroking a little too. And then obviously, I said 'now you have seen mine, now I got to see yours'.

He jumped down, pulling his boxers down in front of me, showing a small 12cm cock, rather thin too. Also covered in a big bush of pubic hairs. 'nice' I said. but he was embarrassed at first 'yeah, right! you got this huge snake between your legs, you must think I'm like a child' he said. Then I said 'well, you're not very big, but you could make it appear better if you shave it or trim it a little'. He agreed, and there was a moment of akward silence when he asked if he could touch it! I could not believe my ears, this was like my ultimate fantasy come true! I of course agreed, and moved my hand away when he grabbed it gently.

His hand are not so big, so he could actually not get completely around it, but he started jerking me off a little, waiting to see my reaction. I smiled, and closed my eyes, enjoying his touch. He fastened his grip, and jerked me off real nice, pulling my foreskin up and down over my head. Then I grabbed his small cock with three fingers, returning the favor. I was getting really horny and close to cum, when Henke suddenly stood next to Jack and cleaned his throat! We were really fast to get our boxers back on and quite embarrassed by getting caught in the room. Henke just said 'why don't we go down to the sauna, all three of us?' Me and Jack were quick to agree and took our towels with us.

Down in the showers, Henke grabbed my cock and pulled me after him into the now cold sauna, Jack followed behind me. We sat down, and Henke jerked off my cock while he jerked his own too. now I saw what kind of monster Henke really had! He had a big 25cm cock, really thick too. Poor Jack just watched with amazement on us.

I invited Jack to sit down with us while he had been standing and just looking on us for a couple of minutes, so we sat down in a triangle, so we could jerk eachother, taking turn of who should jerk off who. The feeling of Henke's monster cock in one hand and Jack's baby cock was a weird feeling.

While jerking off like this for maybe five more minutes, Jack had confessed to us that he not only never had seen a porn before, he was also a virgin, and the only thing he ever had done, was jerk off in his room, under the covers.

Then Henke proposed that we should take turns on one guy at the time, finishing him off, starting with me. We all agreed. So I just laid back and enjoyed two pair of hands working my hard cock. After just two minutes or so I started to tighten up and I could feel I was about to cum. I came a huge load, shooting 10 ropes of cum, hitting the wall behind me, and one in my own face, with a lot of cum on my chest and stomach. I was about to wipe my face with my hands when Henke stopped me, taking my cum off my face and chest putting it on Jacks cock. We then gave him a real good jerk off massaging his balls and putting a finger up his ass. He lasted only a minute or less.

Then it was Henkes turn, he had gone soft actually, but grew rapidly when I touched him, pulling his foreskin up and down his head. Jack joined in after recovering for a minute, and Henke closed his eyes, moaning loudly. We worked that huge cock for at least eight minutes before he came in a pumping ejaculation, only to hit his own belly button.

We showered for a little while, when we realized we should get an hour of sleep before breakfast.

This got to be a weekly gathering for us, doing this in the weekend. On one occasion, the CO had heard some noises from the showers, and came to investigate, but only to find us leaving the sauna, all sweaty. Popped his head in, to realize that the sauna is dead cold. He gave us a smirk and left.

I hope you enjoyed this story, I'm sure hard now!

Happy Jacking!



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