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In the Barn

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A story about my first sexual contact in England.


During the summer my friend and I were out on another of our long adventures in the countryside and decided to stop in at an old barn that we would often visit. Being young boys we would jump around in the hay and generally create havoc however the visit to the barn on this day would be different. We entered the barn and immediately heard a squeal and saw something dart behind the hay bales. We climbed up onto the upper level in the barn and low and behold there we found hiding a very naked girl who we both knew very well. She was very shy and had been caught without her clothes which were on the other side of the barn. She said that she was also out walking and had decided to visit the barn to play and then thought that it would be nice to be naked in the hay. Neither of us had ever seen a naked girl before. The girl was squatting on the ground with her arms folded protectively around her chest. Because of the way she was squatting I could see her pussy. I had never seen one before and the feeling that swept over me was strange. My mouth went dry and I had the strangest of feelings in my groin as I looked at her pussy lips. My friend was also looking directly at her pussy and squatted down in front of her to get a better look. He looked very nervous and uncertain. The girl asked if we would get her clothes for her and we agreed because we didn't know what else we could do. We watched her as she dressed and she asked us to please keep this a secret and not to tell anyone what we had seen. We said we we would but my friend said he wanted to see her pussy again and also see her tits. The girl agreed and stood naked for us again, albeit briefly, and then she left.

My friend and I couldn't believe what we had seen and we talked about how excited we were to have seen a naked girl and a real vagina. Neither of us had masturbated before but we did get boners occasionally. My friend said that his dick was rock hard and asked me if mine was hard also. I told him that my dick wasn't hard but that sometimes I did get a boner. He said that he wanted to take his cock out and walk around the barn without his pants on. He pulled his jeans off and out popped his cock. It was about 6' long and he was uncut which I had never seen before (I am circumcised). His cock was hard and he kept pulling back his foreskin. I asked him if he ever masturbated and he said no, but he wanted to. I told him to go for it. He asked me to touch his cock and pull his foreskin back for him and I said no, so he proceeded to thrust out his hips and wanked his cock right in front of me. We were then both startled as the girl who had been naked in the barn earlier, walked back in through the door and looked right at us. She stood and looked first in horror and then in fascination at my friend, naked from the waist down, rubbing his hard cock. She asked him what he was doing and she said that she had never seen a boys cock before. He said that he was wanking and she could watch if she wanted to. She stood quietly and watched. After no more than thirty seconds he groaned and shot three spurts of semen across the barn as he came. The girl turned bright red and disappeared out of the barn again. I had no idea at the time that this white stuff came out of a mans cock when he masturbated. He cleaned his cock up and dressed hurriedly and we left. As we walked back to his house he told me how great it felt when wanked off and he made me promise not to talk about this to our mutual friends. He wanted me to go to his house and wank off for him and I again refused.

As I walked home from his house my mind was racing with thoughts about what I had seen that day. I wished that I had pulled my cock out and masturbated in front of the girl also. I was still feeling very excited so instead of going directly home for supper I went back to the barn by myself. As I walked into the barn I wanted to find my friends come to examine it out of curiosity, however to my surprise the girl was also still there. She said she came back because she hoped that we would still be there and that she wanted to see more cock wanking. She asked me if I could rub my cock in front of her and I said that I had never done anything like that before. I said that I would do it if she would squat down in front of me without her panties on so that I could see her pussy. She immediately agreed and took off her panties and squatted down. I could see her pussy lips and I shuddered in expectation. I pulled down my jeans and sat on a hay bale in front of her. My cock was really hard and I touched it very gently as my fingers moved up and down the head of my cock. She then asked me what my cock felt like. I told her that she could touch it if she wanted too. She came over to me and very softly touched the shaft of my cock and then moved her hand up and down as she had seen me do. Within seconds I erupted as my very first orgasm burst through me and I ejaculated down the length of her arm. She immediately jumped backwards as the second and third ropes fired from me. I had no idea that this was what masturbation was all about. The girl was totally fascinated by what had happened and wanted to meet me again there later to do it again. After she left I walked home knowing that I would never be the same again.



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