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In the Backseat of My Car

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When I was sixteen I went on a weekend religious retreat where kids from a bunch of different church youth groups would get together. While there I met a 16-year-old girl named Kathy from a church about an hour away. She went to a different school than I.

She was petite, with small breasts and a nice figure, about five feet tall. I was about 5'5' then. I guess we hit it off during some of our group discussions and we hung out together that whole weekend and she was my first real kiss. Nothing happened that weekend, but we continued to telephone each other a lot for about three or four months afterwards since neither of us could drive and we couldn't get together.

We did meet up once at a reunion party someone from that weekend had, and we made out that entire evening where I had her up against a garage wall with my hand up her shirt, but that was as far as we got. I found out she had got hooked up with a bad crowd at her school and told her I didn't think that was cool and stopped calling her.

About six months after that party, I get a call from her, and she asks me if I would like to take her to her Senior Prom. I said I'd like to see her again first and make sure she had straightened herself out, so we decided to go on a date.

I had my license by then, so I drove up to see her. I got a real unwelcome feeling from her father when I picked her up, a cold shoulder, but didn't think much of it. We went out to eat and over dinner she tells me that she had got pregnant a few months back, had an abortion, and the reason her father didn't like me was that she had told him it was me that did it to her!

She had actually got knocked up by her father's best friend and just felt she couldn't tell her dad that, so she just said it was me. But that she really did like me and wanted us to get back together and promised she would tell her father the truth. She went on to explain to me how her father's friend had snuck into her room one night, when he was staying over after visiting and crawled into bed with her. She was pretty explicit as to how they made love several times and while she should have had him use a condom, he convinced her they didn't need it and he loved her (yeah, a 40-year-old guy with a 17-year-old girl, he loved her all right!)

Well, I knew right off that I wasn't going to get into a relationship with someone who would just use my name as the guy who knocked her up, I could see what mess that relationship would turn out to be, but I was a horny 17-year-old and her story got me going. I said I had to think about getting back together, but I was really interested in getting in her pants for real (especially since her dad thought I did already!). I told her I had wanted to go further when we were first together, but never had the opportunity.

Well, she must have been as horny as I because she agreed, and I drove us to a remote wooded location, parked and we climbed in the backseat of my huge 1975 Oldsmobile. We started making out, clothes kept coming off, lots of groping going on, and soon we were completely naked (glad a cop didn't come by). I had a huge hard on and was ready to plunge right in, but unfortuantely, I realized I didn't have a condom and neither did she.

Now, at that point I definately considered doing her bareback, and I probably would have had I not known about the prior pregnancy story, but I wasn't taking that chance given her history. So we decided to just mutually please each other manually. Between her jerking me off, me rubbing my dick on her belly and between her tits, all with my fingers up her twat, I blew a really huge load all over her belly and tits.

We didn't have anything to really clean up with so we just kind of got dressed as we were, and I drove her home. I didn't go in to see her father again (expecially since I had a wet stain on the front of my jeans as my briefs had soaked through from the cum left dripping from my dick). Her shirt had some stains, too, and I wasn't going to be there if she had to explain that to her father.

I called her a few days later and told her I couldn't take her to the prom and wasn't really interested in getting back together, but that I did have a good time in the backseat of my car.

(I don't know if she ever told her dad it wasn't me that knocked her up.)



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