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In Store Demo

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I must admit that when I took a summer job in an adult bookstore I thought it would be a bit different but I never thought of myself as a working member of the sexual entertainment business. My boss Nicky thought it would be good for business to hire a college 'hottie' as he described me. I must admit that it was a 'cool' job. I was often alone behind the counter selling mostly videos, some magazines and our sex novelties. I think I enjoyed the toys the most because they were so funny to sell. I have always had a good attitude about sex in that my parents were open about it but very firm about being myself and not doing anything I found demeaning or unhappy. I also had a few great boyfriends that helped that too, so I guess you could say at 21, I was pretty well adjusted and open minded about sex. I guess that is why Nicky liked me, other than 'blonde hair, a good rack and a nice ass', as he used to say.

I really found the customers pretty Ok. There were a few weird ones that used to come in wearing overcoats on warm days and jack off in front of the video racks at the back of the room, but I just used to yell 'If you cum on it, you pay for it!!' and it kept the perverts at bay. Most would just come in, shuffle around, pick out a magazine and a video, pay for it in cash, and then happily take their plain bag packages and trundle on home to whack off until their little hearts were content. Probably a few were put off by the fact that an attractive young girl was selling them their porno but I was pretty cheerful about it. When Nicky explained that part of my pay was a commission override, I was amazed that little meek me could really sell! I used to love saying 'Oh you'll love that title. I put it on for my boyfriend last week and had to fuck him like crazy, he got such a hard on!!' or 'Yeah that is a good one, did you see the previous two. I took all three home to my boyfriend and I was on my back all weekend' or, my favorite was 'I don't even want someone around when I watch that tape. I get so hot and just spread my legs and frig myself to sleep when I watch those scenes!!' I think I almost doubled our video sales and guys started to bring their buddies to the store just to talk about video titles. Pretty soon I started yelling out 'Hi Larry, have you seen that new video where he...yeah it's cool, I came twice!!'

Nicky came to me and wondered what we could do about the toy sales. When I say toy sales, sure we have the usual smattering of cock rings, S&M gear and other stuff but it is mostly high margin dildos!! Vibrating, undulating, lubricating or just the silicone wobbly ones you shove up where ever it suits! I tried a few and they didn't suck at all. In fact on slow days I'd put on a video, designate a 'demo dildo' and slowly wank on my stool behind the counter. Once I even finished making a sale with it stuck in my pussy when a customer came up to the counter. He never knew and probably wouldn't let on if he did!

The best was the day Bruce, one of the regulars came in to buy his wife a bit of 'spice' for their wedding anniversary. I think he was a college lecturer or a consultant because he had such a pleasant polite manner about him. Always really polite, friendly, neither too outgoing nor too shy. He brought over one of our new models that has a clit stimulator, variable speed vibrate or pulse dildo and asked how it worked. I was like a guy at a hardware store showing him all the things it did when one pushed this button or that button etc. He smiled appreciatively and said he understood that but could I... show him as in....'demonstrate it' for him.

At first I thought he was just kidding me like the guys do, but he furrowed his brow and said he really hated to get something so personal for his wife, wrong. If I would help him make the right choice he would gratefully maybe buy some further movies and another dildo to round out the package. I don't think it was the commission because it only came down to about $20 to me, but it was the sense of helping someone use our products to better his life with his wife. It was also being of genuine service to a good customer. Also it was a quiet time of the day and I knew Nicky would approve so I felt it was the right thing to do!

I grabbed the super dildo and my stool and we went to the far end of the store. I was a bit wet thinking about it so I wasn't too worried about lubricant. Nevertheless when I pulled off my jeans and panties and left them on the floor, I knew I'd be wet enough. Bruce looked mesmerized. I said now watch carefully as I edged my bum up onto the stool and lifted one heel almost up to beside by butt giving him an open view of my little Brazilian and my now very wet snatch. I rubbed my labia and circled the hood of my clit with my fingers. The store door was open but as this would only take a second to demo and it takes a while for a customer to get to the back of the store anyway, I felt at risk of being seen but not a great one. After all, were they going to complain about the service?

Slowly I started sliding the dildo around my labia and over my clit and Bruce could hear the sounds of my wet lips as I did. I could feel my muscles relax as I eased it into my vagina, in an out at first, and finally to the max. I was beginning to feel really great and had surges running through my butt, pelvis and down my legs, which began to twitch a bit. My breathing became heavier and I noticed poor Bruce rubbing his crotch. I told him that if he wanted to beat off I didn't mind, but now that I started demonstrating this did he mind if I 'finished' with it? It was like telling a child he could have the whole chocolate bar. He pulled out a good sized boner and started jerking it. When I pulled down my top and played with my titties, I then moaned and shook my head. My labia and the top of my ass glistened as the top of the stool was getting wetter. As I then increased the vibrator pace and shivered in the first near orgasmic tremor, Bruce just lost it and spewed cum on to the floor.

Just as he was pulling himself off again, two guys appeared beside him and looked at me like I was an art exhibit. I didn't care. I had the clit stimulator working with the dildo on pulse and was looking forward to a big public finish. Bruce just shouted 'In store Demo!' over the buzzing and my writhing and moaning. I winked and they smiled, undid their pants and started to jerk off in front of me. When I really started to cum they all came together in a litany of moans, groans and the general sounds of people coming with utter abandon. Cum flew everywhere.

I heard the door open again as I shut off the super dildo and quickly pulled on my jeans, stuffing my panties into my pocket. The guys quickly zipped up as two more guys came into the store to check out the activity. I think by all the jizz on the floor it must have been obvious, but never losing a closing opportunity. I sold three super dildos, a bunch of videos and magazines and created some pretty happy, loyal customers. Word got out that if you buy enough stuff and ask the right way you might get an 'in store demo' while you get to jerk off and watch. Nicky was so pleased when we doubled toy sales that he expanded and made me a partner. Now we have three more stores and I train all the new girls...



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