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In Public

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This is a true story.

I have the pleasure of working most Saturdays and it was one of these lovely workdays that I saw with my own two eyes the following events, in public none the less.

I reached a point in the task at hand where I could take a quick break and run out for coffee. I jumped into my car and drove out of the parking lot and around the corner where I had to stop for the red light. It was here at the red light approach that I saw out of the corner of my eye a tall thin female frame walk halfway down the hill and drop a green towel. I will assume she came from the hotel that was at the top of this small hill and the green towel came from the pool deck. Anyway, she drops her towel and I see she is wearing a small tank top style top and those terry cloth short shorts with flip flops on her feet.

Those terry cloth shorts always get me thinking of what lays beneath, especially if they are short shorts that have the slit up the side that give that bit of tease factor. She also has in her other hand a book and her thumb is stuck somewhere in the middle holding her page for her. She sits down and brings her knees up to her chin height then drop her legs open. She takes her left hand with the book and wraps it around the outside of her left leg and places the book on the ground near her crotch. With her right hand free to explore she reaches inside her terry cloth shorts and gently moves her hand up and down. I can see her fingers have disappeared under the fabric and I know what lays beneath that she is gently running her fingers up and down.

She is out in public, full view of anyone walking by or driving by. It is, however, an industrial area with many businesses closed for the weekend, but still the hotel is right behind her maybe 15 yards. She is sitting in the clear and has nothing to hide or nowhere to run. This all took place while I sat and awaited for the red light to change.

As the light changed green I went thru, still the only vehicle in the area, but it was not like I was hiding or sneaking around. I could see her as clearly as she could see me.

I quickly went to the coffee shop, ordered and rushed back to see if she was still there. the light was green for me so I could not stop and see what she was up to, but she was still there. I parked my car and went back inside. The floor we work on is to high and I could not see her play some more so I went down a few flights and walked over to the side of the building that faced her hotel. Sure enough there she was. Still sitting there pretending to read her book while itching deep under those terry cloth short shorts! Yes, this time she was not gently stroking up and down her slit she was going in and out, with what looked like at least two fingers. She occasionally dipped her hand down and then raised it up but she kept that in and out motion going the whole time.

I could not wait to get home and relive what I had witnessed that afternoon. It has to be the first time I ever jacked off at work. That's how horny she made me. Her free spirit and carefree attitude about rubbing one out in clear public view was awesome. I wish I could have the courage and walk up to her and ask her out. I have always wanted to do it outside, on a beach! She might be up for it too!



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