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In Our Panties

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It is not uncommon for my wife and I to have a mutual masturbation session at least once or twice a week. My wife's preferred method of masturbation is to use a vibrator on her clit and I will usually position myself at an angle to her with pillows between my legs with a towel covering the top pillow. When I initiate the event I will usually tell her how much I want to see her play with herself and how I have not been able to think of anything else for most of the day. This will always start the verbal foreplay of which toys we will use and how we will help each other masturbate. This is absolutely makes our hearts start racing and my cock hard beyond belief especially when she tells me that she is aching inside her wet panties and starts caressing my panty covered cock. By the way, I wear panties daily. During our last masturbation session Angela reached for her vibrator and dildo from her night stand table, while I position my pillows and covered my cock with a lubricated condom. I stradled the pillows while resting on my knees. Being upright I adjusted my satin panties and start to slowly hump the pillows. Angela had her vibrator pressed against her panties and her free hand was playing breasts. She was teasing her nipples then tracing the around the breasts with her index finger. Watching her play with her tits was making me crazy. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply telling her she was so sexy and how much I loved watching her play with the vibrator. She then asked me to fuck her with the dildo so I dismounted my pillows repositioned myself between her legs, removed her panties and slowly inserted the toy cock inside her. Angela only last a few minutes between the sensations of being penetrated and the vibrator sending waves of pleasure against her clit. Her orgasm was deep and long as I watched her pussy repeatedly contract and release around the toy cock. After her body relaxed and the vibrator and dildo were put aside we french kissed for a few minutes then she asked me to straddle my pillows again. With four pillows arranged underneath me, I slowly started to thrust my hips and began humping the carefully placed pillows. Resting on my elbows and my panty covered ass being tickled by Angela's finger tips she slid the panties to one side and lubricated my asshole. She then placed a condom over the vibrator and slowly inserted the toy inside me until it was resting against my prostate. The sensation is always incredible and I love how she described the sight of me humping in my panties with a vibrator in my ass while continuing to stroke my panty covered back side. I lasted only for about 5 minutes before I started humping faster wanting to cum. Angela's playing with my ass and talking dirty sent me over the edge and beyond the point of no return. Cum exploded from my cock filling the condom and I collapsed on down resting myself on the bed while Angela played with the vibrator in ass before removing it. After taking a break and cleaning myself off we fucked for another hour with Angela riding my cock and using the vibrator on her clit to achieve a few more orgasms. The evening was finished with me jacking off while Angela licked my balls and sucked the head of my cock and titty fuck me. When I told her I was close to cumming she started sucking my cock while I jerked off. The orgasm was more pleasurable than the first. We then cleaned ourselves up, put on fresh panties, and fell asleep.



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