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In My Car

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This happened a couple of days ago. First off, I live in a small town. I have to drive twenty miles to get to a real city and even that isn't that big. I had to drive there to take my little brother to basketball practice. My friend who I'll call Evan, knew that I was going, so he asked if he could come along. I told him 'sure he could go', and I only have one errand. I have recently turned 18, so I wanted to visit the adult video store.

I dropped of my little brother at his practice, and Evan asked where we were going to go. I told him, 'Since I've turned 18, I wanna hit the porn shack.' He said okay, and I drove to the adult video store and went in. We spent about 10 minutes looking around, and I picked out a DVD box set that was on sale. 20 hours of porno, a dream at the price I got.

I always have my portable DVD player in my car. I decided to put the first disc in. The first scene was really hot, and we skimmed through it while we were driving around. Unfortunately nothing happened right there, because my little brother called me and said his practice was over. So Evan put the DVD player up and hid the DVDs in my glove box. He told me that he would have to borrow one of them when we got back.

We picked up my little brother, hit a fast food place, and headed home. I let him off at my house and Evan got in his truck. My mom wasn't home, so I told him I was going to drive around. He told me he was going to follow me. I drove to the local park and he parked next to me. I turned on my DVD player with the second disc in it. He sat in my car and picked out the third disc he was going to take with him. I asked him if he wanted to check the disc out and he said yes. I turned of my car and turned the lights off. He got out and turned of the lights to his truck and came back.

I wouldn't say I'm gay; I just like to get off. I don't care how, I just love the ecstasy it gives me. We started watching it with the volume up. The girls were really REALLY hot. Evan said he had to pee. He stepped out of the car and took a pee. I stayed focus on the video, but then he slammed his dick up against the window. I couldn't see I because it was dark, but when he got back in he was laughing and told me what he did. He told me about it and I noticed he had left his pants undone, but sort of tried to hide it, but leaving it just a little bit visible. Evan is a pretty attractive guy. He's six foot tall, dark blond hair and his muscles are pretty toned, because he is an athletic. I am pretty athletic, but I'm only about 5'8'. Anyway we were watching the porn and pretty quickly, he starts rubbing himself and says, 'I'm gonna beat off right in front of you.' Then he put his hand in his pants since they were already undone and slowly stroked himself. I was rock hard, so I decided, what the hell, it doesn't matter if I pull myself out and get off. I brought my six inch cock out and started to beat off slowly. After that, he exposed his MASSIVE meat. I don't know how big it really is. It's at least eight inches long.

We both were beating off, and watching the movie. It was sitting in between us and I was switching the scene, which is on his side of the DVD player. Out of nowhere, he takes his penis and rubs it on my hand. I was nervous, so I pulled it away and then put it back. He did it again right before I found the scene I wanted. We sat for about three minutes. Then he kept hinting about it getting late. After that he said, 'Ok, finish me off.' I didn't know what to do. I just sort of sat there, then I said,' you finish me off.' 'I said it first,' he said. Since I knew he was willing to jack me off, I just grabbed his cock. It was HUGE!!! I could barely fit my hand around it! He grabbed me and started jacking me off. It felt soooooooooo good. We stroked for a couple minutes, then 'Oh shit!' and I came everywhere. I shot at least six times and it went all over my shirt. He didn't stop jacking me, because I was still jacking him. I could feel his dick flexing in my hand, so I quickened my pace. About a minute later, he started fidgeting in his seat. I knew it was going to happen. He started breathing hard and I could feel his prick spazzing out in my hand. He just sort of oozed out cum, but a LOT of it and in spurts. I made sure he was completely done.

Then it hit. Two straight dudes had just beaten each other off. He was as grossed out as I was with cum on my hand. I quickly grabbed some tissues and wiped off my hand and gave some to him. He said, 'well I'm going to go home and throw up', which I sort of chuckled to myself about. I knew it was going to be awkward. I didn't worry about cleaning up my shirt or cock. I just pulled up my pants. He got out of my car and into his truck. I left, and the next day at school, we didn't talk, or the day after that. It has been weird, but we're talking again. I bet someday, we do it again. I could go with it being a regular thing, until I get a girlfriend. It was a cool night that I will never forget.



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