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In My Backyard

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I have always enjoyed masturbating since I first discovered it as a teenager, and have done it in many different places and in many different ways. One of my favourites is to do it outside, especially when I have to pee too, because it just feels forbidden for girls to do that.

I have read other stories here about women who like to pee and come at the same time, and this made me feel better that I'm not the only one who does this.

I remember sneaking outside my house at night when I was around 17 for the first time, and going to the bushes beside my house to first pee, then rub my wet clit until I came with a shuddering orgasm. After this discovery of how great it felt, I enjoyed many more episodes like this over the years.

I worked as a travelling sales rep for a few years, so whenever I was in fairly uninhabited areas, I would wait until I had to pee badly, then find a private area to pull over. I would hike up my skirt, take off my underwear, lean back on the front bumper of my car, and slowly pee while rubbing my clit to a fabulous orgasm, then tidy myself up and continue on to my next sales call!

I don't have as many opportunities for this now, being a married mother of three, and living in a suburban area, but every once in a while I'll just get the urge for it. I have a good sex life with my husband, but this is just something different and intense.

A couple of nights ago, my husband had already gone to bed, and was asleep. I was just brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, when I realized two things: I was slightly horny, and had to pee. Perfect! It had probably been almost a year since I had indulged in my secret activity. I grabbed a toy I use occasionally, which is actually a massage tool, I think. It's a wood 'cylinder' about eight inches long, 1' diameter with ribbing all along it, for rolling up and down someone's back. I don't use it for that, though! I have dildo vibrators, but for my purpose tonight, this would be better. I squirted a little bit of lube on it to make it slippery. I took off my pants, and put on a pair of underwear that are almost thong-like with a little lace. They feel great against my clit, especially if they get wet. The anticipation was making me hornier and my clit more swollen by the minute.

I crept quietly outside. As I tiptoed down my back deck stairs, I was already letting myself pee a tiny bit into my panties. I love that feeling of not holding it in, but not really letting it all go either. Girls aren't supposed to do that, and it feels naughty and makes me really horny. It was dark and quiet, around midnight, but could any neighbours see me? I found a spot near the house, where it was quite dark, and I don't think visible from any windows in the neighbourhood.

I knelt on the soft cool grass, and pulled my now-damp panties aside a little. I rested the ribbed penis-like toy on the ground, and moved myself until I was poised over it. By now, I was really turned on, my clit was swollen and wet, and the urge to pee was great. I relaxed my muscles and as I slid down onto the shaft, let myself start to pee more fully. The feeling of warm pee running down the toy as I let it slide deeper into me was amazing. I rested my hands on the grass, and started to move up and down on the shaft as I continued to pee slowly. My clit was so swollen that as I moved up and down, the ribs of the shaft were rubbing on my clit a little. A couple of times I pulled right off it, and rubbed the toy along the outside and front of my clit. It almost made me cry out with pleasure, but I knew I had to be quiet.

I slid it back inside, and as the urge to pee wasn't quite as strong now, I would pause at the top of a stroke to relax those muscles to let the pee come out more. Every time I did this was a renewed surge of pleasure until I couldn't go slowly any longer, then I just pumped up and down until the sensation of the ribs rubbing on my swollen clit and the naughtiness of just being able to pee as I did it made me come with an absolutely explosive orgasm. I just knelt there for a minute, totally spent. As my muscles relaxed, the toy slid out, and I pulled my outer lips apart, and squirted out a strong stream in front of me to finish my pee, which also felt really good right after coming, then stumbled back in the house with wet thighs and wet panties, feeling slightly guilty but very satisfied. It was the best, most intense orgasm I'd had in months.

I slid into bed beside my husband, and definitely didn't have any trouble getting to sleep!

I hope you enjoyed this story. Next time I will write about another outdoor session I enjoyed a couple of years ago on a hot sunny day in my backyard.



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