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In His Sleeping Bag

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In His Sleeping Bag
I've been coming to this for a while now and I love it. I'm 15, male, bisexual with a 7 1/2 inch dick and I decided that I should share a story since I've been enjoying these so much.
I started masturbating at about the age of 11 and I remember the first time was in the shower. I was turned on by the hot water I guess and took off from there. But this story takes place about 2 weeks ago.
I was over at a friend's house whose name is Dan and he is 14. We were just talking about stuff when we started to talk about the girls at school. He commented on all the girl's asses, but I was more of an entire body kinda guy. He asked me if I could have a sleep-over, so I called my Mom and she said yes. So we went over to my house (which is across the street) and we immediately head for the TV in the basement which has movie channels.
Dan is sort of addicted to porn so I let him watch those channels usually. We were watching this porn program on Cinemax and he immediately hops into his sleeping bag and starts to jack-off. This is really turning me on, watching the TV and him at the same time. After he does this 3 more times he finally falls asleep and the real fun begins. I was always curious about Dan, size of his dick hard, stuff like that, and I was about to find out.
I turn the lights on to make sure he is asleep and so I can see. I ever so slowly unzip his sleeping bag, stopping ever so often so he doesn't wake up. I manage to remove most of the sleeping bag and he's positioned perfectly for what I was about to do. I unzip his pants, unbutton his boxer shorts, and begin searching. Every now and then he would move a little and I would be forced to retreat, but I finally found what I was looking for. I took out his dick and noticed that up close it was a lot like mine. I started to stroke it to get it hard and it didn't take very long to reach its full size. He was about 5 1/2 inches, maybe 6. But the fun didn't stop there.
I was so horny and was kinda enjoying jacking him off, so I continued. I sped up and he surprisingly didn't wake up, although I wonder what he would do if he saw what was happening. I was curious as to the taste of his dick so I started giving him a blow job. He started to moan in his sleep and he was breathing heavier. Boy was this fun! I guessed he was near orgasm so I jacked him off from there. He exploded all over his sleeping bag, his pants, and my hand, and he didn't wake up. I couldn't hold it any longer so I started jacking off and came all over him. I did it a few more times to him and me to see how many times I could do it and then I just closed up his bag and left him that way.
I slept like a baby the rest of the night. He was so embarrassed when he woke up because he thought he had a wet dream or something.
Keep writing those stories people -John



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