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In His Sister's Room

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Fun night staying in my friend's older sister's bedroom, with some interesting discoveries.


When I was 14 I had a good friend at school who had the most stunning looking 19 year old sister called Beth. Everyone from school who had met her couldn't stop talking about her, she had long dark hair, perfect looks and the most sexy, womanly body a boy of my age then had ever seen. After the very first time I met her I remember masturbating about her all the time, thinking of her incredible tits and bum. My friend had told us she had done some modelling, which we thought made sense because she was so beautiful. I went to an all boys school and one day a friend of mine told us he was looking at the lingerie section of one of his mum's catalogues and he had seen Beth modelling a lot of the underwear. Nobody believed him but he said he would prove it, and I had to go to the toilets at school and masturbate at the thought of Beth wearing sexy lingerie.

The next day at school my friend said he had something to show us so we went out to the field and he took out a clothing catalogue from his bag and opened it at the lingerie section and pointed. Holy shit! It WAS Beth, no doubt about it. She was one of about four women modelling all the underwear so there were a lot of pictures of her in just bra and panties, sometimes stockings. I got hard just from looking at Beth's body, and everyone was begging my friend to lend him the catalogue. He knew what we wanted to do with it so he said no, but I was desperate to masturbate to these pictures of a beautiful girl I actually knew, dressed in just underwear. I looked at home to see if my mum had the same catalogue but she didn't. Eventually though it had got round the school about these pictures of Beth and there started to be a lot of these catalogues appearing and being loaned around the school. I got my hands on one pretty soon and spent hours in my bedroom masturbating over the pictures of Beth, studying them in detail. Some of the pictures where she was wearing white panties you could actually see the dark area of her pubic hair, and she had such firm, perfect breasts.

I would hang out at my friend's house a lot so I would see and talk to Beth a lot, she was really nice to me but I always became nervous when talking to her because she was so stunning. Then one Friday after school I went back to my friend's house and his parents said I could stay over. Beth was there but she was going away for the weekend with her boyfriend, and she said I could sleep in her bed! I was so excited to be lying in the bed that Beth's incredible body had been lying in, possibly in her underwear or even naked. Beth's boyfriend arrived to pick her up and she said goodbye and I was much more excited about getting into her bed than I was about staying up late watching movies with my friend.

We went to bed about midnight, and I went into Beth's room which I don't think had been decorated since she was much younger, it was a very girly room with lots of pink. I looked at the pictures of Beth and her friends that she had framed around the room, then I got into her bed, and I could see where she had been lying on the sheets the night before. I laid on this area and pulled down my pjs so my naked cock could rub against the sheets where she had been. I remembered thinking when looking at the lingerie pictures of Beth, how envious I was of these pieces of clothing that touched her breasts, pussy and ass. I got out of bed and went over to her drawers, and opened the top one to see a large selection of very sexy underwear. I took out a bra to discover that Beth's size was 34D. I rubbed the inside of the cups over my hard cock, knowing that the next thing they would touch is Beth's breasts. I did the same with several of her panties, masturbating with them and leaking precum into the crotch, I was so turned on knowing it would touch Beth's pussy next.

Then a thought occurred to me, I played football at the time and some of my team mates were a few years older than me and they would talk about sex a lot and sometimes would mention the smell of pussy. I had always wanted to know what it was like and thought now might be my chance. I searched Beth's room and found a wooden chest that was filled with dirty laundry. I looked through it and pulled out three pairs of panties. My cock was harder than it had ever been, knowing that each of these panties had been pressed tightly against Beth's pussy for an entire day. Excitedly I looked inside the most sexy looking pair and there was a stain in the shape of her pussy in the crotch. I could have cum right there but I put the stain to my nose for my first smell of a girl's vagina. It smelled so good to me, very musky yet sweet, and so sexy. I immediately took my dick out and started to masturbate while taking big sniffs of her dirty panties. Her scent had made my cock very hard and super sensitive so I came almost immediately, and the scent of Beth's pussy somehow made my orgasm about ten times stronger than it had ever been before. I let out a groan and hoped nobody had heard me, and I realised I had spilled cum on Beth's carpet and also on the other panties that were on the floor. I cleaned up as best I could and sniffed the other panties which smelled just as good, and my cock was already hard again.

Knowing I would be able to last longer this time, I took the panties and a framed picture that Beth was in and set myself up for a really good wank. Beth was very small in the picture though and you couldn't see her body very well. I wished I had one of the pictures from the catalogue to look at while I smelled Beth's pussy on her panties. I had a look around her room for a better picture and saw some photo albums on a bookshelf. I took them out and an envelope fell out. I looked in it and there were some loose polaroid photographs in it. I looked at the first picture and holy shit, it was Beth, lying on the bed that was right next to me, totally naked with her legs spread apart, smiling at the camera. OH MY GOD! I instinctively started masturbating, looking closely at Beth's hairy pussy, spread open to reveal everything in detail, and I could see she was wet. Her breasts were more beautiful than I ever imagined, with lovely round puffy nipples that I wanted to suck on for hours.

Incredibly excited, I started to spread out the photographs on the floor, and my eyes were drawn to one picture, it was a close up of Beth's hairy pussy and asshole, but with a large erect penis entering it. I couldn't believe my eyes, I had only ever seen a couple of porn magazines my friends had shown me before, but they only had naked women in them, no sex, so this was the very first time I had seen people having sex before, and one of them was Beth! I was so envious of her boyfriend, and from the picture I just knew how good that must have felt to be inside Beth's warm vagina.

Being only 14, I remember how shocked I was that her boyfriend wasn't wearing a condom, and yet he had his penis inside her vagina. I was quite a naive 14 year old, and from the sex education lessons we had at school, I thought everyone who wasn't married always used condoms for sex. I was really shocked that Beth would be doing this, but it was also a real turn on seeing Beth doing something that at the time I thought was just the wildest thing that nobody would ever do. I masturbated like crazy looking at Beth's pussy, at the same time smelling it on her dirty panties. There were probably about ten of these pictures, about half of them were Beth nude in various positions, but also a few sex pictures and one each of them giving each other oral sex. I thought oral sex was a really dirty thing to do when I was that age so I was so shocked with what Beth had been doing in the very room I was in.

Looking at the picture taken by Beth of her boyfriend's face buried in her pussy, I was really envious and I licked the stain in Beth's panties, imagining I was licking her pussy directly. I also looked at the picture of Beth looking up at the camera with her boyfriend's hard cock in her mouth and wondered what it would feel like. His cock looked so huge to me at the time and for a long time after I thought all I would need is a cock as big as his to get a girl like Beth. I masturbated for at least two more hours over these pictures, and every time I came all I would have to do is have a good sniff of Beth's dirty panties and her incredible scent would have my cock rock hard again ready to continue masturbating. I realised during this that one of the nude pictures of Beth was actually an after sex shot because there was white liquid oozing out of her vagina. When I realised this was her boyfriend's cum I felt envy like I have never felt before or since. I wanted to be Beth's boyfriend and I wanted to lick her pussy and fuck her without a condom and cum inside her, it wasn't fair! Eventually I had to stop because my cock was starting to hurt from too much masturbation, so I put everything back where it was and went to bed, thinking about Beth very differently to the angel I used to think she was.

Beth let me sleep in her room a couple more times over the next year or so and I always found some of her dirty panties and had a good sniff and wank, but the photos were sadly gone. After that she moved out to live with a different boyfriend and I didn't see her again until her brother's wedding a few years ago. She still remembered me and gave me a big hug, so I got to feel those incredible breasts pressing into my chest. She has kids now but she still looks stunning!



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