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In His Shower

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I've just finished high school and have been best mates with Mike since we were four. I'm blonde and quite slim; he's also lanky, but dark haired which he likes long and messy. We're both quite geeky I suppose, but have had girlfriends and have each received as much as blow jobs, which is amazing!

One thing we've always had in common, well since puberty really, is that we both get really turned on lots of the time, often by very little. Once in an English class a blonde cheerleader-type came in with her blouse missing three top buttons, and we both blushed at each other knowing we both had hard-ons. It took Mike 20 minutes to lose his, mine going after 10!

We have slept over at each other's houses hundreds of times each year, and since Mike got broadband, we've looked at the odd bit of porn. He's into teen lesbians and has a few video clips. This one evening the story's about was about a week ago. It was 9-pm-ish and his parents were out. We were browsing his porn and were rather turned on; we're often aroused in each other's presence and have mutually masturbated but never touched each other.

Mike was very hard and quite clearly had to look away and stop smoothing his groin now and then to avoid cumming in his jeans at the PC. We'd never wanked so we could see each other-only in darkness under our duvets. Eventually, he gave in resisting and said, 'F*** it dude. I'm takin' a shower,' and off he went, tossing his shirt and jeans up onto his bed as he left in just his boxers.

I knew he was going to jerk off and took his seat at the PC. I trawled through his videos for ten minutes on my own and was very hard indeed. Soon I was almost throbbing. Then one scene with two sweet 18-year-olds making out naked came on, and I nearly came! I ran to the bathroom and announced, 'Sorry dude, I gotta go. That's too hot,' and pulled down my jeans and squatted over Mike's loo, preparing to jerk myself off and relieve some pressure.

Mike peered around the shower and laughed, 'That's not gonna be much fun is it!' I told him I didn't want to stain his house or furniture, and he giggled, telling me I'm more sensible than he is but added it could be wiped up with washing-up liquid or something. He mentioned that in the shower you don't have to clean anything up; you can let yourself go. 'You should try it. you'd love it!' he chuckled. For some reason I pulled off my jeans and shirt, socks and boxers, and joined him. He looked shocked, but grinned. 'I was going to say, after I'm done!' he laughed, and I blushed and turned around to leave the cubicle. Warm hands grabbed my waist and eased me back. 'But then again, you don't want to stand in my mess.' I took the initiative and said, 'No, but our mess combined I can do!' He laughed, and told me it seemed a fair plan.

He switched down the shower pressure to low, and lathered shower gel into himself. He raised his eyebrows at me, and I told him to do whatever he felt like doing. So he got a handful of gel and rubbed it into my chest, back, buttocks, thighs. We both had full hard-ons.

For 10 minutes we gently smoothed each other, occasionally caressing our balls or smoothing our uncut erections. Then I felt tensions mounting, and gently eased Mike against the far wall, spreading his legs a little, his front pressed against the tiles. I drew close, and gently lowered myself so my erection was between his foamy buttocks. I pressed closer and reached around to his front, clasping his nipple with one hand and penis with another. I jacked him off as I slid up and down his foamy body. We had the most spellbinding orgasms of our lives soon after, coming back and belly!

We slumped in the bottom catching our breath, before thanking each other. We finally rinsed off and left the shower. We dried ourselves, and went to Mike's bed naked together, cuddling face to face, our hardening penises pressing tightly.

Thanks to our love of girls we are certainly not gay, but we're 100% bisexual and have taken these events further the past few days. But these are against the rules of a masturbation website so I won't elaborate.

Thyanks for reading!



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