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In Front of my Housemate

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In front of my house mate
I have always had a love affair with my cock....I started masturbating at about the age of 14, at first I really didn't know what was going to happen, having only been told about it by a friends mother one night whilst on vacation....but thats another story.
When I was about 31 yrs old, my wife and I had split up and I moved in with a female friend of ours...she was about 27 at the time...and whilst we shared a house and often saw each other nude we never did have sex, although we spoke about sex openly and nudity was no big deal for either one of us.
Whilst we never had sex, I believe the desire was there in both of us...well it was for me and I later found out it was for her too. My house mate and I both slept nude and did not believe in a door closed policy, so to say the least we used to see each other nude and in varying states of sexual excitment quite often.
My room was at the back of the house and the enclosed patio was divided from my room only by windows, which of course had drapes for privacy. Well our house was not that big and this patio was mainly used as a storage area for unused gear and the room where all the ironing was done.
One morning fairly early I awakened to the sound of her on the patio, my windows were ajar and the one of the drapes slightly pulled back...I could hear the sound of steam hissing and I knew she out there ironing some clothes...well as can be imagined when I awoke, I had, as most men do, a very engorged cock, and I was extremely horny...I decided then and there that I need to relieve the pressure and I was not too worried about being seen as the windows were of frosted glass and they also opened away from me.
I flicked the blankets off me allowing my stiff prick to stand in all it's glory, knowing that if she finished I would have time to cover myself before she walked past my open bedroom door. I began to stroke my cock and gently squeeze my balls allowing my copious precum to flow and lubricte my penis...which by now was extremely hard and the head was swollen and bright purple in colour... at about this time I noticed that the door to my closet was slightly open and pointing towards the opened windows, and I could see my house mate standing there ironing and looking into the mirror on the front of the closet door, thus obviously allowing her full view of me masturbating, I however pretended not to notice that she was watching me and continued to slowly rub cock which by now was really starting to flow with warm clear pre-cum.
My masturbation session lasted I guess about 15 minutes and all that time my house mate stood at the ironing board with here eyes transfixed on the mirror...which was making me all the hornier and I could feel my cum starting to build up in the base of my cock...finally I tilted my cock slightly back towards me and with the head bright purple and soaked from my pre-cum and the eye open wide, the first jet of my spunk spat from my cock...it went about a foot or so in the air before landing on my chest and the ensuing jets were almost as powerful, probably about 8 or 10 in all...each one becoming a little weaker until what remained ozzed from the tip of my prick and dribbled down onto my pubic hair, this would have to rate as my most memorable wank of all times, and most certainly the messiest, even though I usually come in copious amounts on most occasions regardless of how often I masturbate or fuck.
My house mate never said anything to me about what she had seen that morning until some months later when she revealed that I was not the only person who came "hard" that morning. --Anon



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