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In Front of My Friend

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One Saturday morning I woke up and it was raining, so I figured I would just stay in bed and enjoy it. Since I sleep naked I just stayed that way, grabbed a book and settled in. There wasn't anything sexual about it, just staying comfy and cozy on a rainy day. I hadn't touched myself in a few days and really hadn't thought much of it.

I was probably reading for an hour when there was a knock on the door and my best friend walked in. She startled me but apologized and said my mom let her in. I said it was OK and pulled the covers up to my neck as she sat in my desk chair, took off her wet shoes and socks and started talking. After a couple minutes she asked me why I was still covered up and I told her I was still naked. She asked me if I was serious and I just giggled and nodded. She asked me why and I told her I was feeling cozy and just stayed that way. She gave me a sly look and asked what I was really doing and I said it was the truth. I told her it doesn't mean anything just because I was naked, and she gave me a sarcastic OK. I giggled again and told her if she wanted me to masturbate I would. She said there was no way I'd do it, and I told her to get my vibrator out of my top drawer. Her eyes got wide and she handed it to me, I pulled the covers back up to my neck, spread my legs apart and turned it on. She could hear the buzzing and see my hands between my legs and all she could do was cover her mouth. She asked me if I was really masturbating in front of her and I just let out a long 'mmhmm'. I started moving it in and out of my now-wet pussy and I saw that her eyes were locked on it. Neither of us said a word as I worked on my orgasm, the only sound was my heavy breathing. When I was close, I raised my knees and took a deep breath, and let out a long 'ohhhhh'.

I just laid there smiling before she said she couldn't believe I just did that. I told her all that talking started to get me horny, so I may as well. She paused for a few seconds then asked if I minded that she masturbated too. I told her to lock the door and scooted over in my bed. She stripped down to her underwear and got under the covers with me, then pulled them off and tossed them onto the pile. She giggled and said it was nice and toasty in my bed, and I told her that's why I just like to stay there naked when I can. She spread apart her knees and started rubbing her pussy, saying she was dripping wet. I just laid there, watching my best friend rub herself in my own bed. It didn't take long at all before her breathing picked up and she started wiggling around. When she came she lifted her butt off the mattress and stayed there while she held her breath before exhaling loudly and plopping back down.

I asked her how it felt, and she said it felt so, so good. We just stayed covered up talking for a while when my mom knocked on the door, saying she was headed to work. I told her OK and I loved her, then heard her leave. With her gone we really didn't have anything to worry about so I told her I felt like taking a nap, and she said it sounded nice, we both curled up and fell asleep, staying buck naked. I woke up about an hour later and she was still out, with her bare back facing me. I scratched her foot with my toes to wake her up and she rolled onto her back and stretched, saying that nap felt great. By now I was starving so I told her I was going to go downstairs to get something to eat. She asked me if I wanted to stay naked, and since we had the house to ourselves I said sure. She slid out of bed and I was right behind her, watching her cute pale butt move back and forth.

We ate lunch and talked for a while at the table, mostly about masturbation. I told her I was feeling horny again, and this time when we went back upstairs we did it on top of the covers together. For the rest of the afternoon was just hung around naked until she had to go home. That night I again slept naked, but this time I masturbated before falling asleep.



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