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In Front of Another Couple

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One of the most sensual experiences I ever had was when I was sixteen and had been dating my first 'serious' girlfriend, Diana.

We had been exploring each other for about a month; she had jacked me off at the drive in movies for the first time before this happened.

We were on a double date and ended up at my friend Bob's house. His parents were long in bed and we were in the large family room which was an add on. All four of us were good friends; Bob was dating Diana's best friend Carol.

Both girls were very attractive, Carol had waist-length Auburn hair and green eyes. Both were 'full bodied' too, Carol was more developed than Diana, but Diana was very well proportioned and had the most perfectly shaped breasts, with light pink nipples. Diana a brunette, was cute, but much shorter than Carol, and she had tiny hands.

We ended up on couches across from each other on opposite side of the room; just listening to music and making out.

I was actually laying on the one couch with my head in Diana's lap. She would lean down and I would put my hand behind her neck and pull my face up to meet her lips. Bob and Carol were just sitting together and making out. There was very low light in the room, but enough to see each other.

Diana was getting pretty worked up. I had my eyes closed when I felt her hand on my crotch, where I was getting erect in my pants. That I was hard seemed to turn her on even more and she started massaging me through my pants.

I couldn't help but give out a soft moan.

Next thing I know, she's unzipping me. I just moaned some more, and was suddenly turned on like never before at the thought of her actually exposing my hard dick in front of Bob and Carol!

And that's exactly what happened; she took me out and started to jack me right there. Still french kissing me, she stopped to whisper between pants, asking 'does that feel good?' I just let out another moan in response.

I didn't know if Carol was watching, but I knew if she looked our way she sure would see what was going on!

My fantasy was fulfilled when Carol, from across the room says with whispered exclamation 'Diana, what are you doing?' To which Diana did not respond, but then I hear Bob say to Carol, 'why don't you do that to me?'

Carol adamantly whispers 'no way', and then there was silence, except for the sounds of Diana's hand hitting my clothes as she pounded away on my now fully hard cock.

I knew Carol and Bob were watching. That Carol could see my stiff cock and Diana giving me a hand job, it was euphoric!

Carol who had a great sense of humor then whispers loud enough for all to hear 'I think this is going to have a happy ending' and held back giggles.

Diana had now stopped kissing to fully concentrate on what her hand was doing. I started to feel really good and I knew I'd cum if she didn't stop. I leaned up and whispered in Diana's ear, 'you'll make me cum', but she didn't stop.

I felt myself harden up even more as I approached the point of no return and couldn't contain my panting. I barely opened my eyes and turned my head just enough to see that Bob and Carol were quietly looking on, and then I looked down to watch Diana's tiny hand jacking me feverishly as she too looked at my cock.

I gave one last warning, a muffled 'Diana' as a few seconds later I felt my semen being uncontrollably pumped up my shaft. Knowing that everyone in the room was watching and especially that Carol was going to see Diana make me squirt, was the most exciting thing I ever felt.

I came in a big spurt that landed on my shirt and then my cum kept flinging out for what seemed like much longer than usual, getting on her hand, the sofa, my shirt and pants. Oh, what an orgasm.

Carol nervously let out a muffled, 'Yea, it did it, and that was a very happy ending!' from across the room and graciously got up to get us a towel from the bathroom. She brought it over and her eyes were glued to my still throbbing and wet with cum cock.

That never happened again, that they watched us. We did do it at the show with them in the front seat, us in back. They didn't look that time, but certainly knew what was going on.



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