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In Front of a Friend

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A story of me over at a friends house.


My friend Chris and I have been friends for more than two years. Our friendship is like brothers that always argue but still care for each other. I'm openly bi-sexual and Chris is straight. I'm more into guys but most of my friends know that and everyone is fine with it. Chris is 20 and I'm 21. We hang out a lot depending how his school hours are. I'm mostly over at his house watching TV or some computer games. He jokes with me a lot about being bi which gets annoying at points but its cool. We talk a lot about relationships, sex and masturbation. Like me, he LOVES to jack off! I've seen his dick before, not in person but the guy has tons of pictures on his cell and I'm the noise type. He knows I been through his phone but has yet to delete them. PS, he is packing a seven and a half incher uncut. I am about eight inch.

So one night chilling at home bored, Chris texts me if I wanna go to the gym. I said sounds good. The lagger this guy is, he picks me up late. Fast forward the gym its Two am. Chris say, well how about you come to my house cause I have to be up early for class and I can drop you off on the way to class in the morning. Didn't matter to me since I was off work for a few days.

Getting to Chris's house he makes me a spot to sleep on the floor in his room. I'm one of those people who can pass out easy sleeping on the floor. He offered his bed but he would sleep on the floor cause he don't share beds with friends.. or maybe the fact I'm bi.. I don't know but I was fine with the floor. He gave me a few pillows and a few sheets. We fell asleep watching random infomercials.

Whenever sleeping at friends or relatives houses, I always wake up freaking early, but when I'm home I can be passed out till noon. So anyway I woke up around 7:30am or so. Chris is still passed out, sleeping on his side facing me. Before he picked me up that night, I was going to jerk off but didn't so that morning I was really horny. While looking at Chris I reached down into my shorts and started playing with my morning wood. I precum easy, so I tried not to stroke my head so it wouldn't make any noise. the way I started stroking was under the sheet with one knee up so Chris wouldn't see since he was facing me and any moment could open his eyes and catch me.

After a short time later I went for it and took the sheet off to my knees. I didn't have my dick fully out. I had my dick out while my shorts were hiding my balls. The whole time my eyes were dead on Chris. Remembering how he slept from last time to this morning was a little different. When I was jerking I could see his eyes move inside his lids. Meaning he was dreaming and his head twitched a few times that scared me. I got the nerve to just finish without being loud. without touching my dick head like always when I jerk it. I only rubbed my shaft so it wouldn't make that slapping noise. My dick wasn't that hard but it was hard enough to make it feel good. When I was getting ready to cum I was scared it would shoot but it actually thick creamed out my head down my hand on my shirt. Cleaned my hand with a napkin and got up to use the bathroom. Once I got up back to his, he walks up and asks what what I'm doing.. like one min after I finish, I reply going to the bathroom. Was he awake? I hope not, but we hung out countless times before and nothing never came up..

Long story short it was fun and I kinda wish he did catch me but then again I don't know if it would be like how most people have their stories on here. It would be fun to have a mutual session with him. But that will never happen. Oh well glad to have finally have a story to share. Been reading this site for over a year.



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