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In Exchange (Part 2)

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In Exchange (Part 2) is the continuing story


In Exchange (Part 2)

The Next Morning

The rays of the morning sun broke through the curtains that veiled the large windows of my room. This woke me up as the warmth crept onto my morning wood, bringing it to my eager attention. I jumped out of bed and checked out my lean form on the body-length mirror on my wardrobe door, before going to the toilet. I made sure that I was only wearing undies so Julian could have a clear view of my straining bulge as I walked past his room.

To my pleasant surprise his door was open and his eyes were half open, probably from jetlag and quite possible from excitement to be in a new country. I had so many questions to ask him about France and more to the point, about his sexuality. It was also surprising to me that he was totally naked and over the sheets. The shadows of his small-windowed room made the sight even more intriguing.

'Bon jour,' I said with my hesitant French.

He smiled and said good morning in his provocative brand of English. It didn't sound silly like Steve Martin's impression of Inspector Cluesoe but had a very earthy and sensual tone which made my loins stir even more.

'If you need the 'toilette,' it's over there,' I pointed to his slumbering schlong which was about 5' in its restful mode, then to the bathroom down the hall. 'But I have to take care of this first, then you can go,' I pointed to my 7' package and turned to go.

He smiled and put his hands under his head as I walked off. His movements as he reclined on the bed made the muscles of his torso flex and ripple. I quickly left before I started touching myself then and there with all that excitement. Needless to say, I had a challenge getting my pee out of my now irrevocably shut urinal valves. 'What was this boy doing to me?'

Julian had come to us from France in the late summer, just before school started up again. It was still hot and we walked around the house in our boxers. I was forever fighting off the urge to flirt with him and to keep my parts from engorging in the process. For the most part he was very obliging and seemed unconcerned about my 'discomfort.' My parents asked me to show him around the neighbourhood while they were at work and that we would have dinner out later that evening when they got home.

That afternoon, he decided we stay indoors to let his body clock adjust itself. And I said he could do as he pleased. We talked about what we wanted to do after high school. He was doing several college courses as electives and they all had to do with the human body and massage therapy and that sort of thing. Quite interesting, I thought.

Having asked him to show me some of the deep massage that he had learnt, he asked me to lay face down on his bed and he got on top me. His musky odour had already seeped into his sheets and pillows. I was pinned down by the same body that lay all night in this ocean of pheromones and it was making me drunk with arousal. I had to lift my backside to adjust my hardening shaft.

Julian reached over for my head for a bottle of what looked like skin lotion on the bedside table and started what I could only describe as being ravished. His firm fingers kneading into tissue and muscle from my head to my toes and I was drooling from both my mouth and pee hole. When he got down to my lower back there was nothing I could do to keep from grunting and groaning. We weren't having sex but the sensations were crossing my wires and tripping my circuits.

He then parted my crack and without entering me. He massaged muscles that I wasn't normally aware of being there and I everything inside of me was begging for relief. After giving my ankles the same treatment as the rest of my body he moved to one side and flipped me over. I was flustered and hopelessly aroused. He said it was all right to have an erection and that it was just the physiology of the human body. By this point my problem had gone beyond my boner but my whole being was wracked with sexual anticipation. Being touched so intimately by a hot boy didn't help one bit.

'Try to relax,' he encouraged me with his soothing voice.

I was relaxed as I could be. It was my other body parts that were engulfed with fire of a rising sexual excitement. But we were all alone and I was not about to have him stop. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as he began to do my front.

My cock was twitching to my pulse and was dripping precum quite freely. He massaged around my pole but the top of his smooth wrists would now and again brush onto the skin of my shaft and sent waves of pleasure through my body. Not long after, J grabbed either side of my inner thighs and rubbed into my crotch. His fingers then closed in on my nut sack and reached around the base of my erection.

I looked into his face and found his eyes focused with determination, like an artisan at work. It didn't bother me that he didn't seem turned on by all of this. I was getting the greatest handjob of my young 16-year life. I noticed though that his cock, although half hard now 7', was glistening with slimy transparent precum. That and the sight and feel of his strong smooth hands on my junk brought me over the edge. I grabbed at his sheets and started growling and humping into his hands. He milked me with precision and intentional strokes. He was smiling now, as if totally pleased to bring me to this conclusion. My chest was heaving with my rasping breaths, a tell tale sign of my childhood asthma. And he gently put his weight on his shoulder and lay next to me. I was lost in the afterglow and glad to have him nearby, our shoulders touching.

Before I dozed off in the afternoon breeze, I noticed him fingering his precum without a hint of him rubbing one off. This 17 year old guy knew what he wanted and how to do it. I wondered when I would see him actually jack off. For now I was drifting into a nap surrounded by the result of my ecstasy and the cause of it.


There is more to this story, and I will share them in segments if there is enough interest among our readers. The third part would be about our first mutual masturbation and how that led to other wonderful times spent jacking off together.

To be continued..

Hope you enjoyed this chapter people. Remember to write me a comment. Thanks.



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